What is more than a better way to worship the Scarlet Queen than to pen your own poetry and stories for her? That is the greatest honour she can ever receive. It is not anything else, but your heart that she desires. For there is nothing significant in this world, all will be erased with time… except our sentiments…. that will be immortalised on this wall. To fall deeper in submission to your Queen, you can pledge your support to her by becoming her patreon minion and access her private world.

Mistress Worship

The Worship Wall

The sentiments of knights and minions who have responded to the Dark Queen Risque and Princess Cheryl.

There once was a Queen named Risque

“Men are women’s playthings, women are the devil’s.” ~ Victor Hugo.

There once was a Queen named Risque
that blended Chinese with Francais.
whenever she’d call,
she’d summon her Ball,
and yet another bouquet for her cache.
and a mallet for playing croquet.


Driven from its house
the line yet remains
Scholars till the end.

Minion Pervswerve

My Forbidden Desire

Every time I repeat myself that I have to give up your “drug”, that I have to stop looking at you the way I always do.
But then you come back: and you come back  in all your splendor, all your charm, all your beauty, and I cannot help but feel won.
I am bound to be won by you: your sensuality captivate me.
Your face is a perfect oval, your cat’s eyes look mysterious and seductive.
And your legs!
Your legs that make me want  to meet you, to feel all of the delicate skin of your thighs, of your calves…
Your complexion of pure porcelain: you,  magnificent statue of jade, the symbol of eternal femininity and of its magic, hell and paradise at the same time!
Who knows if I will, one day, be stronger than your temptation? …

Hot kisses, as hot as you’ve never had …

Your slave,
Knight Julian

A Visit to Vermillion (Part 2)

Well, this was certainly a tricky situation. Her Supreme Majesty about to arrive in town, and neither he and his guards nor the town itself were properly prepared for the occasion. That was stressful enough. But now Alex had to deal with this … person too. What was she? An impostor? A double? The Queen Herself, travelling in disguise? Or just an ordinary traveller who happened to look like the Queen? Maybe she was an hallucination, caused by the panic in his mind. Or a divine apparition – she was right outside the Scarlet Temple, after all.
“If you don’t mind me asking… I know it must seem a strange question, but what’s the name of this town?” Repeated the girl in white, “I’m very lost, you see…”
Alex realised he’d been staring into space for a few moments… Well whatever the explanation he wasn’t going to solve anything just by standing there. Give the woman an answer!
“This is Vermillion, Miss, and I’m in charge of the town guards, my name’s Captain Alexander. Have you been here before? Perhaps on your way to the city of Rufus, in the North?”
“I don’t think so… I don’t know… I really have no idea. I was in those caves such a long time… it was so dark and…” She was clearly upset by whatever had happened; her eyes were cast down to the ground and her slender fingers gripped tightly the gold key that hung on a chain around her neck.
A bizarre story. Alex didn’t know of any major cave systems in the area. Yet the girl seemed sincere, her eyes were frightened, confused and lost. A traveller with amnesia? Perhaps she’d been attacked in the forest.
Pitying this frail and timid girl, Alex put his hand on her shoulder “Well, let’s find you somewhere to stay the night, eh? Maybe you’ll remember a bit more in the morning. And we most certainly must find you some proper clothes, you really can’t be seen in that white dress once Her Most Superior Majesty arrives.”
“Her Majesty?”
Damn… he wasn’t supposed to announce Her arrival to the people until the last moment. But this poor lost soul didn’t seem much of a threat. It would be a relief to tell someone, anyway…
“Yes. Don’t tell anyone else, but we are expecting, very soon, the arrival of our glorious Queen Risque! Isn’t that a fantastic honour? You’ve certainly come to Vermillion at the right time – this is the most exciting thing that’s happened here in years!”
“Queen Risque?!”
Alex rubbed his forehead and sighed. The poor girl must have lost nearly all her memories. Queen Risque had ruled the kingdom all his life, as long as anyone could remember, never ageing – the proof of her divinity – and her cult was central to the lives of Her minions and subjects throughout the kingdom. To forget Her was to forget everything.
“I can’t face her. Not yet. I’m not strong enough.”
“Ahh, so you’ve not forgotten quite everything then!” Alex smiled, trying to cheer up the melancholy young lady. “Don’t worry, none of us are strong enough to face the Dark Queen! And why would we want to, when She rules over us so generously, bestowing Her gifts of pain and pleasure? I saw Her once before, you know, when I went to Scarlet Palace to swear my oath of loyalty. I wasn’t close, but I could see Her. One of the proudest days of my life! Anyway, when She arrives just kneel down and copy everyone else, you’ll be fine.”
“No, please… I must get away from here before she comes, I’m not… I can’t…”
“Alright then, if you insist. But let’s find you a coat first, at least. You must be freezing.” The girl was too pretty and too naive to let her wander into the forest alone like that. So they went to the market and found a red cloak. It would keep her warm and present a more respectable image than that white dress. While Alex was talking to the market trader, the girl looked up at the temple, astonished.
“That is where you worship?”
“Yes, of course, we all go there to pay our respects to Her Dark Majesty. Vermillion’s not an important town but we have a splendid statue of the Goddess Risque at the temple! Actually you’ll be surprised – you look a lot like Her!”
“Thank you so much for your help, Captain Alexander” she replied, changing the subject hastily. “I really must be on my way to… ummm… Rufus. I think that name sounds familiar. It’s to the North, did you say?”
“That’s right! I’m glad you’re starting to remember now. If you pass Vermillion again on your way back, do stop and let me know if your memory has come back. Be careful in the forest, keep away from the Knights.”
“Knights?” Her eyes lit up at the mention of that word.
“Yes, the Knights, that’s what they call themselves. Technically they are a criminal organisation, but they’re mostly harmless if you ask me… deluded fools, they believe the old legends about Princess Cheryl, that one day she will return and bring an end to Queen Risque’s rule. Well we wouldn’t want that, would we!? So we go out of the town walls to attack them once in a while and drive them away. So that all of Her Majesty’s loyal minions and subjects can serve and worship Her obediently in peace!”
(“Attack” had been an exaggeration. Alex and the other minion guards went out into the forest every time they received fresh reports of the Knights’ camping in the woods near Vermillion. They marched around noisily, waving their scarlet banners and beating their drums, hoping the knights would move on once they heard them approach. Usually the plan worked, and the two groups rarely clashed. “We don’t really want to fight them and they don’t really want to fight us. But we have our commands, and they have their beliefs, so… the show must go on!” As Alex had justified the strategy to his troops.)
“I see,” the girl smiled at last, “don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be safe!”
“Good luck then, Miss… umm?”
“Cheryl” she grinned, as she turned away and danced into the forest.
Minion Alex

For thine is the Queendom, the Power, and Glory. Forever and ever, Amen.

Our Mother who art into bondage, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Queendom come, they will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us today our daily bled, and punish our trespasses.
As we punish those that trespass against us.
And deliver us into temptation, and something something evil.
For thine is the Queendom, the Power, and Glory. Forever and ever, Amen.

Minion Pervswerve

How can you be so far away, yet so near inside my thoughts and desires?

How can you be so far away, yet so near inside my thoughts and desires?

Letters, normally a tedious stack, once again transform into an exciting gift.

You inspire me to lose myself, to write things I’ve never seen on a page.

You snuggle into dark places inside me.

Mark me permanently with your mouth.

Don’t give way to my screams as your teeth sinks into my flesh.

Here, rip off the buttons from this shirt.  Can I watch?

Knight Damon

Good Boy For Risque

I am madly in love with the queen. she will not feel the same about me, but instead will use me to satisfy her needs. That is all I care about. I live to please her. I used to be my own person, but one day I just happened to find one of her videos. I was never into domination or anything like that, but Risque taught me that my place is to submit to her. She re-educated me. I am now her loving minion, to be used as her pet, at her feet.

Every time I see her wearing stockings I get weak, and remember my place in the world is at her feet, serving her divine grace. I am only a toy to her, a dog, a puppy, and I’m okay with it. I worship her and crave for more videos of her wearing stockings and hypnotizing me to be the best boy i can be for her.

Good Boy For Risque

A Visit to Vermillion (Part 1)

“Ohhh, Goddess!” breathed Alex anxiously as he finished reading the message. This was something new and unexpected – his beloved Queen Risque coming to visit the little town of Vermillion, where he proudly served the Scarlet Throne as captain of the local guards. As he gripped the letter tightly in both hands and pressed it close to his chest, Alex thanked the messenger and assured him that the instructions had been understood. “It will be such an honour for us to receive an official visit from Her Majesty! We have been planning for this moment and we want to make a good impression. Thank you for giving us such clear instructions!”

“Not at all sir,” replied the messenger, “Her Majesty’s security department are very methodical, to make sure of Her safety and comfort at all times… Although I’m sure you would manage the visit efficiently in any case” he smirked, surveying the heaps of documents strewn around Alex’s office.

“Oh, absolutely, sergeant, we may be a little behind on some of the paperwork but we operate pretty tight security measures in Vermillion, you know. Her Majesty has nothing to fear here.”

Dismissing the messenger, Alex sat in silence for a few moments, considering his next move. At first he thought about visiting the temple to pray for inspiration; that was what he would usually do in a complicated situation like this. But realising that the Queen’s arrival was 36 hours away, he decided there were more urgent things to be done. He’d just have to pray privately at home to one of his icons of the Goddess Risque tonight. He wouldn’t even need the icons in a couple of days, he realised as the reality of the situation sank into his mind.

The news that the Dark Queen Risque would be paying a brief official visit had initially come as a thrill – a sleepy backwater like Vermillion, far from the Scarlet Palace, had little to attract a royal visit. He could only assume that she must be en route to the border, planning another invasion of one of the neighbouring kingdoms to add yet more minions to her vast collection. But when he realised what short notice had been given, his excitement turned to panic as he thought of the practical requirements of hosting the royal visit.

Although he performed his practical day-to-day duties loyally and diligently (which mostly consisted of maintaining basic law and order in Vermillion; and ensuring that the townspeople attended the temple regularly and  made adequate sacrifices to the continuing glory of the Scarlet Throne) he wasn’t remotely prepared for such a momentous event as this. His  guards weren’t used to ceremonial drill, his black and red uniform was crumpled and he had allowed his hair to grow well past the regulation length. Worst of all, the old mansion on the town square where he assumed the Dark Queen would be spending the night was really not worthy of such a distinguished visitor.

Hurrying back to his home to prepare and plan as well as he could, Alex was making a mental list of preparations – “Barber… laundry… find my book of drill routines… ughh we’ll never be ready in time, this is going to be such an embarrassment!” Then, just after striding past the entrance of Vermillion’s Scarlet Temple, he caught sight of a clear violation of the law and, under the circumstances, felt he had to intervene despite his hurry to get home. A woman in a white dress, with long, black hair, sneaking along a side street.

“What on Earth are you doing dressed like that?” Alex called to the figure. She stopped and turned towards him, startled, but said nothing. “Don’t you know that all white clothing is banned, you silly girl?! Even on a normal day that would be a punishable offence, but with the Queen’s visit-“he stopped himself “eh… the Queen’s vision to remove white from all the Kingdom…”

“I’m very sorry for my mistake,” replied the woman, as Alex approached in his black and red uniform “I have only just arrived here.” Alex felt inclined to believe her – surely nobody around here could be unaware of that particular royal command. And her accent certainly didn’t sound local, he thought to himself… although it had a certain familiar quality.

“Well you know, I’m not keen on dishing out punishments so I’ll let you off just this once, but you really will have to go straight back to your lodgings and change into something more suitable, Miss. Particularly being this close to the Temple, it’s … well, it’s disrespectful of Her Majesty’s … err.. majesty! And where have you been that you hadn’t heard about Proclamation number 133, anyway?”

“Proclamation number…?” repeated the pretty girl, confused.

“One-three-three, white clothing is not to be used in public places without a permit from the royal offices,” clarified the guard captain, shaking his head in annoyance and, moving closer to the girl.

“Oh, I … I have been on a long journey” answered the girl, unsure of herself “and got lost in the caverns… I haven’t been into a town for a long time. Umm… what town is this?”

“Definitely something familiar about that voice…” thought Alex; “and rather an attractive young lady. In fact I’d even say she’s beautiful”. Getting closer to the stranger, he realised that not only was she beautiful, but she bore a strong resemblance to the Dark Queen herself. No – more than a strong resemblance, she looked almost identical – just like the statue in the temple! “Could this be a test… no, surely Her Majesty wouldn’t undertake such security inspections Herself…. But it could be a … Oh Goddess, what should I do now?!”


Minion Alex

I can defy and defeat all weak knights

My Mighty Dark Queen

How  long did I  fall into her power, day, month , centuries, I don’t mind, all I know is I am all your, she own me since the first time, I met her, why , is not important, I am now her Minion

My Dark Queen, know me better than myself, cause she rules and awake my dark side, Cheryl  is nothing compare to her, The Dark Queen is my fate, my only  reason to live

I am ready for her, whatever she ask to, I can defy all the knights and win , cause the power of  my Queen is the stronger, she will rule all, cause her destiny  is to rule them all

I ll help you my Dark Queen, and i can defy and defeat all weak knights

Your devoted Minion, ready to serve you


Minion Pet

Blood is the seal

I bind myself with rope
I let my body bind
See my red scars
They give eternal love
Because you are not near me
I make myself bleed
Blood is the seal
With love our hearts bleed

Knight Damon


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