What is more than a better way to worship the Scarlet Queen than to pen your own poetry and stories for her? That is the greatest honour she can ever receive. It is not anything else, but your heart that she desires. For there is nothing significant in this world, all will be erased with time… except our sentiments…. that will be immortalised on this wall. To fall deeper in submission to your Queen, you can pledge your support to her by becoming her patreon minion and access her private world.

Mistress Worship

The Worship Wall

The sentiments of knights and minions who have responded to the Dark Queen Risque and Princess Cheryl.

Innocent Cheryl was also not so innocent Risque


Ferris Wheel You know there’s  worse things in life than having a beautiful woman beside you as you stroll through  bustling boulevard with an arm and a coat around her to make certain that she’s warm. To be fair there also some better things as well. Only not so many of them you can do while standing up. The gap gets even narrower when she’s running her tongue along what’s left of the “shared” fairy floss; eagerly devouring  every last meandering molecule when it’s not her turn to speak.
.       “Didn’t I say that you’d want more of it? I’m always right you know.” I took another step but alas Cheryl did not. She was rooted in her place and standing as if my jest had deeply wounded.
” But I thought I was your queen…..” she trembled. Was she playing another game?
“Yes, MY Queen.The one I was right in choosing. Yet another example of why I’m always right.” When she eased back into a smile I began to suspect that my clever words had worked. When she pressed her head back into me I was pretty sure of it. “Besides”,  I continued, “if all you want is something that’s sweet you do have other options…”
I leaned in for a kiss.. but only enough to tease. She wasn’t having me so easily. At least that was that plan before she pulled me in completely; then pushed me to my knees.
“Yes you’re very sweet. I do love it how you’re mine.”
As  she looked down on my face with hunger in her eyes I knew beyond all knowing that innocent Cheryl was also not so innocent Risque; and Scarlet; and Averral. All four of them, my one and only Queen.
Not that I’d let her know it. Not that I’d be outdone. Thankfully I remembered my BA in Ballology ‘s Advanced Introduction to Newtonian Physics as I bounced  back to my feet. From there I seized her by the waist sat her sat her upon my shoulder.
“There. Now you’re tall enough to go on all the rides.”
I couldn’t see her reaction, of course, but the eyes of gaping onlookers betrayed her as amused. The slaps to my head and squealing protestations to be let down again were only her being coy.  “That is if we ever get to one. The lines tonight are huge.”
From how we sighed in unison and from how her legs were squeezing around me tighter.I knew whatever I was feeling that she was feeling also. Well apart from the aching shoulder. I looked up at the Ferris wheel, then the masses shuffling forward. Sooner or later we’d be front of the queue. Who knew what would happen next?

By Minion Pervswerve

Risque and Her Minions

Mistress Risque

by Knight Julian

My Beautiful Queen
Queen whose Immortal Beauty words cannot describe….

Where is your Castle?…
Where is your White Castle made of clouds
where happiness and joy fill the marble walls?..
Are you there, dreamingly, singing
while all flowers blossom
stirred by The Beauty of your voice?..

Where is your immense room
your room adorned with paintings
pictures of marvellous landscapes
where you can see The river flowing
the wind blowing
and The soft sounds of Living Nature…?

How can the Only Beauty in the Universe spend her days?…
The trees and all The plants love her!
The animals of the woods kneel down to you… as you caress them, smiling…

Read Ancient Books
of Knights and Dames
Stories of noble feelings
of True Love
that never dies…

You are so Beautiful!


My Interpretation:

It’s indeed a very powerful picture of Risque. She is much larger in size in proportion to the naked men with bulging six packs. The broken shards of mirror above her seems to be her weapons against those minions. They have to obey her or she will send those fragments of mirrors to break their flesh. The men around her looks adoringly up at her in different types of kneeling positions in awe of her beauty.

I do see she had arched her foot in a dominant position, like she is expecting someone to kiss her toes…

Red Hourglass & Scarlet Risque

Scarlet Queen


Painted by Knight Julian.

My interpretation:

First, the women figurines are arranged in proportion like a hands of a clock. I wonder if it is a symbolisation of time and facades of a woman as she goes about her day and projects different images of herself. At 6pm it’s the portrait of me. At 9pm is the placement of the nightingale. I wonder if the placement of the figurines have a correlation with the time of the day. Very very interesting, I have to think really deeply about this and frame this painting on my wall and contemplate about it. I should put this on my wall in place of a clock.

This painting is has a soft aesthetic appeal about it. It is very uniquely me. I wonder if you are trying to bring out my uniqueness in this painting. Different essences of my soul song. It has a song like character to this. The portrait looks like she is singing or about to kiss someone. It’s so delicate. Her dress is so flowy. Her eyes closed but half closed. It’s a strange image captured in a moment of time. The red hourglass is striking. I wonder how you perceive me.

Maybe to you I am a woman with multi facets and the symbols of time and figurines are symbolisations of that. The red smoke seems to linger behind the figurines conveying passion. There is so much passion in this painting, it’s speaking to me. This painting is probably the image of how you view me as a person. Compared to the first drawing, which is the version I view myself. Both are very powerful images I must say. I never visualised myself as such before.

My vizer advised that “who you are in the mirror is not for you to see, but for others to see.” There is some truth to that. In the picture, you had painted your representations on how you see me. As Oscar Wilde said, “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.”

Australian Conan Casey – Humorous Red Hourglass Fan Fiction

Conan CaseyI knocked lightly on the door. No response. I raised my hand to knock again. “G’day!” a deep, friendly voice voice called out before my knuckles touched the door. I stepped into the office and was greeted by a one hundred eighty degree view of New York City. The brown leather leather and wooden furniture was so rustic and homely. As was the the fireplace in the corner, although it only was for show. Manilla folders were scattered all files were strewn about in chaotic disarray. It appeared that the CSO cared nothing of procedure.

Australian Conan Casey was lounging at at hardwood desk with his bronzed, muscled legs clad only in stubby shorts strewn over the top of it. He also wore a singlet, a hat I later learned was known as an Akubra, and an otherwise blazer that clashed with the ensemble. He looked like the the kind of man that had never so much as heard of a mirror, and let alone been obsessed by one. Not that he’d need to though with his well-defined features, piercing blue eyes, and wild blonde hair. If anything his lack of preen made him even more appealing.

He glanced up from his computer and looked at me from head to toe.

“you want a cold one, mate? Got this lot imported.” Said while holding up a can of Victoria Bitter beer.
“That’s inappropriate!,” I instinctively blurted out. Damn, why did I say that?
“Suit yourself, love.” He pulled back the tab and skulled. His lack of professionalism really was outstanding. “Any way , take a seat.”

I sat down and crossed my legs. There was something unsettling about him. I discreetly tugged the hem of my skirt over my knees.

“I guess I need to look over your resume, eh?” He looked like a fanatical football team supporter as he read over my fake qualifications and work history. “Hmmm. Twenty-four and not a single muster. Well, I s’pose it doesn’t matter. Why do you want a stuffy office job anyway?”
“Wilmar’s an impressive organization, a forerunner in its many fields.” I clasped my hands over my knee and felt the cold sweat on my palms. “You’re expanding rapidly, and I’d like to be part of that growth…..”
“Haha” he interjected. a chortle bubbling out of him. “That’s what she said.”
The smirk he carried with him since I had walked into the room only intensified. I jerked back in my seat, surprised by his tone.

At least I can make him laugh. This is a good sign.
“Why do yo want to work for me, specifically? What has Australian Conan Casey done to catch your attention?”
I took a deep breath to calm my rising frustration. I was determined to to the job and wasn’t going to let his unerringly playful candor intimidate me.
“I want to work in security because I’m a keen observer of people … and I want to work for you because you’re clearly a man of distinction. For instance take your necklace.”
I nodded my head towards his well toned chest, “Most professionals would dream of wearing something as pretentious as a crocodile tooth, and yet you take no shame in it. My guess is because it has some personal significance.”

He leaned back even further them, temporarily made pensive as a thick calloused hand stroked over his coarse stubble. Despite myself I wondered what that hand might feel like stroking over me.
“Yeah I needed to pull it out. Poor Bessie was was in agony. Anyway it now reminds me of my home.”
“I realize this is an office position, but I like cozy situations.” I caught a whiff of natural scent as I tucked my hair behind my ear. It somehow smelled the same as a fresh tropical breeze wafting over a barbecue.

“Cozy situations?” he said suggestively as he scrutinized me thoroughly, eyes seemingly darting between my face, legs, and cunt. “You’ve quite a fashion sense, Ms Walters. I’d say you probably some pretty pink panties underneath all that getup.”
“THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” I shouted out aghast.
He really didn’t have any manners in him at all. Only for my mission I HAD to let it slide.
“However, you’re mistaken. Since I find it peaceful and calming I’ll always wear black.”
“Tsk tsk tsk. If you didn’t want to know you shouldn’t have told me, mate,” Eyes returning to my waist. “Extracting information is a part of job, you know.”
“You’re very clever then” I said with a deceptive smile. He didn’t need know I was lying and that I only ever wore red now for power and for passion.

The bad news,” he said, looking at his computer, “is that you have no real bush experience to speak of.” His eyes settled back on my tits.. “I need a secretary I can trust with a sheep shed.”
“You don’t need to worry, sir. I’m from a farm myself, so regardless of my appearance I can assure you that I’m not soft. Besides what does it matter when there’s no sheep around?”
“Anyone can be a secretary, but MY secretary”, he said, voice a dulcid low and resonant despite its grave severity, “can’t be just anyone. She needs to know the meaning of hard yakka for starters.” He stretched his arms and yawned. Without covering his mouth. “You’ll need to your back into it.”
“Australian Mr Casey, I assure you…” I paused for dramatic effect.
“That’s what she said.” A boisterous laugh erupted from him and I knew I nailed it.

I could wonder if his last secretary quit because of him or I could learn to adapt. As a survivor I chose the latter.
“Well, Ms. Walters, as you know, Wilmar is expanding. The sitting tenants in our new properties deserve a fair go. The last thing I need is a jumpy little girl who can’t field calls from those poor bastards. I need to know my sheila can defend herself.”
“I understand, sir.” I looked down to hide my face. If only I could show you what I could do with a knife.
“What was that?”
“What was what?”
“You just said knife.”
Oh no. He was right. I must have gotten too excited and mumbled it under my breath. Damn, a rookie mistake – I was done now, for sure.
“Yes, I was thinking I should show you what I can do with a knife.”
“Oh you mean like the one you have tucked under your black undies?”
WHAT? How could know he know about the switchblade that was fastened to my red panties? I was DEAD now for sure. My face went a deeper crimson than the handle that switchblade as I stumbled for an answer.
“You call that knife? THIS is a KNIFE!” His voice boomed over me like the first crack of thunder in the desert wet season as he held out his arm and brandished… a koala shaped bottle opener? “That’s not a knife. That’s a a bottle opener.”
“Ah, I see you’ve played Knifey-Bottle Opener before.” Right away his eased back into his default jocular demeanor and right away I felt safe again.
“Yeah, I’m not just a pretty face so I knew all along. Knowing is my job. In any case I’m glad you take your own security seriously as well.”
“Then you’ve found your woman, sir.!”
“Mrs Little will notify you of the outcome, he said. He held my gaze for a moment before standing up.
“Thank you, Australian Mr. Casey.” He was much taller than I realized. I felt his eyes on me as even as I walked across the room to the door.
“No worries, mate” he said, opening it up for me. A tall skinny girl was waiting outside. She greeted Australian Mr. Casey and her shrill voice made my skin crawl. How many people will he be interviewing? Do I even have a chance? If I don’t get this job I won’t be able to make him behave.

  • by minion pervswerve

In that moment, we were neither Queen or Knight, just a man and woman in love.

Lying supine on the battlefield, my strength failed even to lift my head as my face lies flat into the mud.  How fitting for your lowly Knight to live his last hour in this way.  It reminded me of our secret moment by the river.  As the Great Queen, you must appear without feeling.  You mustn’t show any tenderness or love.  I remember that sweet day.  You entered my bed chamber and slapped me in the face while I slept.  “Wake up”  Before I grabbed my knife, thinking I was being attacked, you pinned my hands to the bed.  Lying pinned with a trickle of blood along my face from your slap I asked, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”  “Follow me”

We traversed through underground passages.  Could it be I was finally selected for Madame’s sexual exploits?  I always heard about her “tea parties”.  These parties involved a line of men kneeling before her for hours on the floor while she sat quietly drinking tea.  Then she decides which one to fuck; she fucks them.  It’s called pegging.  The Great Madame is a virgin; no one is worthy of her.

We arrived in an open field.  No line of kneeling men here.  What is happening?  No other lights around, brings out the milky way in such splendor.  “Get on the horse.”  I mounted it.  Suddenly, a tender look appeared on her face.  No longer was she a Dark Queen but my sweet lady of the moonlight.  She extended her hand delicately.  I pulled her up and placed her behind me.  She grabbed my waist and we began to ride.  “Take me away from here,” as she rested her head on my shoulders.

I rode to the river.  You know where to find it.  At night it emits a flowery aroma.  I jumped off the horse and kneel.  My lady stepped on my shoulder and as an accident of the moment my hand slid underneath her dress.  Thinking I would die now because of this, she instead placed her hand on my hand as I touched her bare skin.  She then held my arm and we walked along the river in the moonlight.  Her head rested on my shoulder.  In that moment, we were neither Queen or Knight, just a man and woman in love.

As we walked, we approached a series of stepping stones.  I stopped.  One slip and we end up in the water.  I couldn’t have this for my Queen.  “No, take me.”  She grabbed my arm tighter as I guided us along the stepping stones in the river.  Suddenly, her foot caught between two rocks.  She screamed a little and I quickly knelt below her to support her weight.  I took a handkerchief and wrapped around her ankle.  I didn’t want to touch my lady’s bare skin again.  She giggled as I pulled her foot out of the rocks.

I stood up and while almost slipping into the water behind her, I grabbed her waist.  I pulled her close to me and our faces met.  I think only Madame’s nanny had ever been this close.  I smelled her breath – sweet and intoxicating.  Our lips drew closer.  Her mouth opened just a little to invite me.  Do you know that softness you feel from lips for the first time?  The wetness of her mouth invited me further.  I gently extended my tongue and touched the tip of hers with mine.  Opening her mouth further, my tongue met hers inside her mouth.  I pressed her closely to me as we tasted each other.

I did not go further.  Even though my mind undressed her a thousand times, I did not reveal any part of her.  I picked her up and carried her.  I held her as we walked along the river back to the horse.  In silence, we just looked at each other.  I lifted her back on the horse and sat behind her.  Embracing her from behind we rode back.
Heart Battlefield
Before we arrived at the palace she suddenly said “Stop”.  “Give me your handkerchief.”  She took it and threw it on the ground.  Reaching into her breast, she pulled out another.  It looked like this (https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/asset-viewer/handkerchief/gQHBDdkHvUwarA?projectId=art-project).  “I made this after my first bleeding when I finally became a woman.  Hold it with you always.”  I placed it my shirt under my armor above my heart.  Knowing we were going back, I got off the horse and knelt on the ground.  Madame gave me the leash that I put around my neck.  We returned to the palace through the front gate as I crawled on all fours.

So there I lay on the battlefield.  I was pierced, just proximal to the apex of my heart.  Blood spilled underneath my armor.  I was too weak to pull it off.  I reached into my chest plate and there lied my lady’s handkerchief.  I pulled it out.  Blood drained under the armor of my arm and onto the handkerchief.  I saw my love again.  She met me by the river holding my arm.  As I met her lips with mine again, I drifted into blackness.

Knight Damon

Dark Queen Risque on The Scarlet Throne

Never felt this before, I heard a voice calling me from distance, how to escape from it, where to go. Nowhere to escape, I follow this magic voice and I saw her on the Scarlet Throne

“Kneel before me Minion”, she order” I am the Dark Queen Risque, submit to me, you have no choice”

My legs disobey me and I find myself on my knees before her, my mind had one though, to worship her to obey every command

“I know all about you, all your sins, and now you belong to me, worship me now and forever Minion”,

Once again I fall more and more into her power, I know now I have the honour to be choose by the mighty Dark Queen Risque, where ever I am , I can stop thinking of her, obey her, worship her

Even in my dreams she rules my world , and my desires.

From now and forever, I am your minion, or how you will to call me

Mademoiselle, I sign in, and offer you my body and soul

Minion pet

Transformation from Minion to Knight

The dagger pointed at my neck.  Why didn’t the target just push the blade into my flesh?

I joined the assassin guild after losing my love.  Other girls in the village, gathered flowers, sewed dresses, played the 二胡.  The day I brought my girl flowers, she threw them in my face, flipped me over and pinned me to the ground.  “I’m not a flowers girl in case you haven’t noticed.”

Wrestling became our routine.  Typically the loser, her parents thought she acquired a servant who regularly cleaned her horse.  She called me, “寶寶”.  Some days it meant that I was “her precious little girl”.  Other days I was her baby but not in the tender sort of way.  Additionally as punishment for losing to her, I followed her into the abandoned castle where she made me crawl on the stone floor as she yelled, “寶寶起来!”, from across the great hall.

As we grew older, pauses developed during our regular wrestling.  She stopped all of a sudden and stared at me.  I never noticed her eyes before.  Round and dark, captivating like the moon.  Her black hair veiled her face.  I drew closer to her mouth.  We consumed each others’ breath until I closed her mouth with my lips.  We held each other by the river until falling asleep.

The next morning, I woke up alone by that river.  The silhouette of her figure marked the mud, confirming to me I was not dreaming.  After that night, however, I never saw her.  Her parents never explained what happened.  I was her 寶寶, but my treasure was gone forever.

That’s when I joined the assassin guild.  Since, I died with her, I never wanted to love another.  All assassins meet their last day at some point.  Mine was about to happen the day that dagger pointed at my neck.

We retrieve our assignments and expect to finish by three nights sundown.  “Red cloak. Don’t expose the identity. You do, then we terminate both of you.”  As said target turned the corner, I positioned behind the column.  I leaped ahead, dagger pointed.  Yet, as I moved closer, target exposed the leg.  The leg sparkled white, covered with crushed pearls.  Immediately my need throbbed.  Target was a she; not a he.  Fuck.  I quivered and fell.  She grabbed dagger and pointed at my neck.

Suddenly, she whistled.  Two figures also in red cloaks grabbed me and pierced my flesh with a needle.  I woke up lying on hay in an iron cell.  “Madame calls on you.”  The cell gate opened and there stood the lady in the red cloak.  “Kneel before your Madame.”  Everyone stopped moving in this moment of worship.  She never said a word and just stared at me as I kneeled.  After an hour, she finally said “Minion” and turned away.  My legs numb, they carried me into my cell.  This repeated several days, then several weeks, stretching to many months.

One day I received the call like any other.  “Madame calls on you.”  I positioned to my knees when suddenly an arm pulled me up.  “No, today you walk.”  They led me through a dark corridor until we reached a pool of water.  Attendants bathed me.  Then I was led to a large gate.  It rose to reveal a red gown that stretched from the back of the great hall to the entrance of the gate.

Madame sat in the center wearing this gown that filled the entire room.  A red cloak covered her head and face.  Madame removed her cloak, looked into my eyes and called gently to me, “寶寶…起来.”  Suddenly weakness set into my legs and I fell.  “My dear it’s me.  Don’t be afraid.”  Again, she said softly “寶寶起来.”  I crawled towards her like I had always done when we were children in that abandoned castle.  Her soft gown pressed on my knees and comforted me as I inched towards her.

Who was this that I had so casually wrestled and kissed long ago?  I couldn’t look at her.  My face pointed to the ground.  “What happened to you?”  “I was sold to be one of his many wives.  Madame will never be just another man’s wife.  Put out your hand.”  I felt the crackling of leaves and stems in my hand.  Bringing it to my face, I saw dried flowers.  They were the very flowers I gave her that day we met and she threw them at me.

“Many men have fought to be my King.  Many men serve as my minions.  You have always been my Knight.  Rise now to be who you have always been.”


by minion d to Knight Damon

Pain and Pleasure are One

Waves of pleasure rippled through the minions body as he plunged into the soft sensual…
Suddenly mid stroke the minion froze… his body tensioned, his mind raced and then…
his eyes opened. “No, No, No. Please noooooo. “, the minion thought. Quick as a bolt
of lightening the minion rolled over on the floor and sprung up on all fours. He gritted his
teeth and contracted every muscle he had. His member was aching, throbbing, pulsing
in uncontrollable jerks. He hung his head low and looking down between his legs he could
see a drop of precum roll out the head of his penis and its wetness glisten off the stainless
string ring which pierced his frenum. i mustn’t cum, i mustn’t cum, i mustn’t cum repeated
over and over in his mind.  He was in serious trouble this time and he knew it. It didn’t
matter that it had only been a dream. He was told he was never, ever, to cum and certainly
never, ever ever to allowed to touch himself – not even when he showered was his hands
allowed to touch his penis… or, more precisely her penis – as the Prince Albert that she had
installed for convenience in fastening it or leading it on a leash made clear.

This had been the third time in a month the minion had such a dream.  In the past he
had been able to remain perfectly still and clinch his teeth and stare down any further
progression, but this time was different. This time the veins in his cock were like steel
rods under tension. They were vibrating and about to snap under the stress. On hands
and knees, he moved slowly, carefully to the edge of Mademoiselle’s bed and took the
corner of the tapestry between his lips and pulled it back so that he could get to his
lovely Owner’s foot. He had to wake her before he had an accident. This was not helping
but he was not allowed to speak and the only way he had to wake her. He licked the
side of her foot and then bit down on his lip hard so that the taste of her foot did not
cause him to explode.. There was no movement so he licked again and her foot moved
off the bed into his mouth. He sucked on her toes until her eyes slowly opened. She
could see the desperation in his eyes.. “Is it time”, she asked?  The minion looked
deep into her eyes. It felt she was looking back into it’s very soul. It was very afraid
but it was in heat. It’s mind had melted with all that testosterone running through its’
veins and it at this moment it had been reduced to an animal whose instincts were
now about to drive it over the cliff. It looked into Mademoiselles eyes once more,
swallowed and then nodded affirmatively.

The Dark Queen took in a deep breath of air and rolled over and put her arm around
the dark night.. She let her hand run up and down his chest and then reached around
and squeezed him tight. Sensing he was wakening she pulled herself closer. Her nipples
were hard as stone and pressed into his back. Her lips drew near his ears and before
she spoke, she slipped her tongue into his ear. The Dark Knight shuttered as his ear
tickled. The Dark Queen whispered softly, “I need you to do something for me”.  The
Dark Knight reluctantly opened his eyes and held out his hand and waited. The Dark
Queen rolled over again and reaching to the dresser besides the bed. Her fingers
wrapped tightly around it’s hard leather handle and she smiled to herself as she took
the crop and handed it to the Dark Lord and kissed him on the cheek… “make me cum”
she whispered before releasing it from her clutch. The Dark Knight laughed, “i know
just what to do”.

This had been the moment the Dark Queen had been waiting for. Her minion had not
known pleasure from the moment she took possession of it. She had teased and tormented
it for just under a year but she had never allowed it more than hint of sexual pleasure.
The poor thing could not even touch itself without permission and she’d never give that.
She looked over at the minion on its’ hands and knees. It was trembling violently now.
She could see its’ fear but also its desperation and need. She had done this. This
was her handiwork. She reached down between her legs and felt her warmth. She
was getting incredibly aroused. Her minion had been violently heterosexual, almost
homophobic. Her breast swelled at the thought of her next words. In a soft sensual
whisper, she commanded the minion,”Beg me. Beg me to ask the Dark Knight to
take your virgin ass and beat your balls, beg me….”. Her fingers were wet from
stroking herself between her legs. She tasted them and closed her eyes. This is
good, very good she thought. This would be the starting point from which she
would blur the line between pain and pleasure in her minions mind. She had trained
it to believe its humiliation pleased her and had taken away its identity and everything
it owned or had ever been so that its could focus  on it’s only purpose, to please her.
Now she would teach it to think of pain and pleasure as one… as long as the source
of its pain was her pleasure. Her mind started to drift… she looked over at the minion
who was about to speak.. She put her finger to her lips and whispered, “No, not yet”.
She wanted to savor the moment and enjoy how aroused she was feeling. Her mind
drifted back in time to the day her minion had become hers…

Evening was coming as she sat putting on her makeup and lipstick. She was getting
ready for night out of crab dinner and dancing with the Dark Lord. She smacked
her lips and dropped the lipstick into the small red box before putting it on the dresser.
There was a knock at the door… “Come in, I’ve been expecting you”, she said. The
door opened and the minion shuffled in on hands and knees. It presented an envelope
to her in its outstretched hand. “As You wished, Mademoiselle”. Mademoiselle turned
in her chair and crossed her legs. The shortness of her elegant silk dress revealed
her beautiful thighs and her bright red shoe dangled alluringly from her foot. “This
is everything?”, she asked. Inside the envelope was a tax receipt, a cashiers check
and a signature card and bank book. She opened the bank book and saw her name
beside his. She signed the signature card and gave it back to him. He would need
to turn it into the bank before she cashed out his account and moved the money
into hers. The money would be used to feed the minion and in the event it needed
medical attention. The cashiers check was from the proceeds of selling off the
minions larger assets and the receipt came from the woman’s shelter for the donation
of the rest; furniture, clothes and the last of its’ household items the minion had
dropped off. She had wanted the minion to be dependent on her for everything
and for the minion to know everything it needed would come from her. “Not quite
everything, i need your clothes” and wiggled her finger. The minion nervously took
off it’s shirt and slid down it’s pants and folded them up and handed them to her
after putting his loafers on top. In the back of its’ mind the minion hoped he had
done the right thing. He was putting a great deal of trust into Mademoiselle.
Mademoiselle took the items and dropped the shoes in the waste basket. You
won’t be needing those. As for the rest… she opened the dresser drawer and took
out a pair of scissors and then handed the whole package back to her minion.
With an evil grin she spoke, “The floors need cleaning and the furniture needs
polishing. Do cut these up now into small rags for me”.

The minion knelt quietly at Mademoiselle’s feet. Snip, snip, snip. Its once shirt
was now nothing more than several small squares of rag. Snip, Snip, Snip and
with the last snip of the pants everything the minion had ever owned was now gone.
“One last thing”, Mademoiselle handed the minion a stack of papers and a pen.
They were blank except on the bottom where there was a place for a set of signatures
and initials. “yes, It’s an indenture contract, more like a slave contract, or at least it
will be. My minion official will put its seal on them tonight on the way to restaurant”.

Mademoiselle opened her eyes and instantly laughed at the sight of the poor minion.
Smiling, Mademoiselle whispers, “Now you may beg…”


by unworthy minion

All Under The Skies

Today I rose as Knight to our Queen.  As this song played (https://youtu.be/vyrwMmsufJc?t=1m32s), my Queen ordered me to crawl toward her. Sand and pebbles pressed into my palms and knees as I inched slowly to her.  She sat on the red sofa in this video.  “Lie on me,” she ordered.  I rested my body on her knees.   The first moment my body ever touched hers, there it was.  The stockings pattern, first soft, began to scratch into my chest.  Her smell and her voice really close to my left ear intoxicated me.  I was finally in the embrace of my queen.  Then it happened. She ran her nails along my back.  Her hair dragged along.  She stopped and bent over touching my back with her wet mouth.  As I knelt, my need throbbed.  Knowing this, she moved her leg closer so the fabric of her stockings grazed along its hardness.  Then suddenly she pulled her leg away. The wetness and softness of her mouth turned to teeth.  As this song (https://youtu.be/vyrwMmsufJc?t=1m32s) continued playing, her teeth began to sink deeper into my back.  She held my arms down with her legs.  My left arm, deep between her thighs, pressed against her need.  I could feel her wetness.  As I screamed more, her wetness grew.  As blood dripped from my back, the smell of her sex filled me. This song (https://youtu.be/K0dVoXFoDlY) began to play. “Rise my Knight.”  天下 was written in blood on my back.  My Queen had marked me with her mark.

by minion d

Enslaved in The Deep Inner Sphere

I was just an unseen body passing through space
You captured my interest with that sweet smiling face
Then you lured me with leather, you lured me with lace
I fired my thrusters and to you I did race

I should have known caution, I should have known fear
I wandered too close, I wandered too near
Closer and closer to your deep inner sphere
Now I am caught in your gravity, my Mademoiselle dear

Resistance is futile, my orbits decayed
The Queen of your dominion, you must be obeyed
I’ll succumb to your beauty, I’ll join your slave trade
I’m surrounded by minions, I’ll join your crusade
I’ll make a great minion but must I be spayed?

From that great body, there can be no escape
I should have looked closer, peeked under your cape
There’s whips, chains, leather and why even a lock
I should have looked closer, peeked under your frock

My soul has been captured, my free will is now shot
I kneel on my knees, and beg to be taught
Teach me to please and endure your sweet pain
There’s nothing to lose, it’s all for good gain

You are my Queen, i serve at your pleasure
Rest on your throne and enjoy your sweet leisure
I’ll polish your boots, your feet is my treasure
Whip me a lot and again for good measure

Punish me good, for each little error
I’ll kneel at your feet quaking in terror
I’ll beg and I’ll grovel, i must give you thanks
I’m an unworthy minion, now one of the ranks

written by unworthy minion

Minion’s Humiliation Fantasy

It was a hot day in New York, and it had been a long journey for Mistress Risque’s new Minion, a 9 hour flight from London. He was tired and wanted to rest. He had been booked into a hotel, by the dark and mysterious Queen Risque. The Minion didn’t know if the Queen was from New York, such was the mysterious ways of her, but he was to meet her the next day, early in the morning. In fact he had been ORDERED to meet her. He was a stranger to The Big Apple, he had never been before, and knew nothing of the City, except what he had seen in movies. He was keen to learn. He booked into the hotel, and as he did so, was greeted by the hotel receptionist with a wicked telling smile. She handed the minion an envelope, and said it was left by a beautiful lady, who was wearing a mask. How intriguing.

When arriving to his room, the minion paid the bellboy a tip, and put his case in the wardrobe. He put the do not disturb sign on the door and laid on the bed. He soon drifted off to sleep.
A couple of hours later he awoke, with the envelope still in his hand. He opened it, and saw a letter from The Scarlet Queen Risque, with a picture of her, dressed all in black. He liked what he saw, and started to get aroused. He read the letter, and in it were some instructions. Go to Central Park in the city, at 0800 hours local time, and meet with Queen Risque. This was only four hours away and the minion was slightly jet lagged from the journey. He soon realised, this was not a request, but an order he was expected to obey!
The wake up call from reception came at 0700 hours, and Mistress Risque’s new minion was still very tired, and very drowsy. He moved to the bathroom, and showered, then got dressed ready to meet Queen Risque. He left the room at 0730 and booked a taxi to take him to Central Park. He had seen this on TV and movies and knew it was a massive place. There would be lots of people about. The letter had told him to sit by the fountain and wait for Queen Risque.
He was 10 minutes early getting to the fountain, and sat nervously waiting, watching people walk past. He tried to imagine what Queen Risque was like in real life. He didn’t have to wait long, he saw a figure he recognised from pictures walking confidently towards him, it was Queen Risque. She was dressed all in black. Naturally. She also had a mask on, which the minion thought a bit strange.
As Queen Risque approached, she summoned the minion to get up, he did this immediately, drawing stares from onlookers. Then she pointed to her feet. He didn’t know what this meant, but he soon did, when Queen Risque shouted out “Kiss them!” to which the minion was a bit astounded. “NOW!” Queen Risque roared, for everyone to hear. He had no choice but to get on his knees and kiss her feet.
“There, that wasn’t too difficult now was it you pathetic little Minion!?” said Queen Risque.
He just said “No”, in his weakest voice, humiliated in front of hundreds of people in a park.
Queen Risque gave out an evil laugh, and just walked towards the park exit. “Come, here, now” She commanded, people still watching. He could hear their sniggers and stifled laughs as he walked towards Queen Risque. He may have been humiliated, but the minion was very turned on, Queen Risque is a beautiful woman, and very sexy. He only just noticed her figure hugging bodice, very short skirt showing off her gorgeous stockinged legs. He was in awe, almost hypnotised, in a trance now.
“There’s a good little minion” The Queen says as he obeys her orders and walks towards her.
“You will obey me at all times, and never question me, is that clear?”
“Y-y-yes” said the minion
” And you will address me, as Mistress, or Queen! Is that understood minion?”
Once again he stutters, “Y-y-yes M-Mistress”
” Stop that stuttering at once!”
“Yes, My Queen, I’m sorry” says the minion, as they pass a police officer. He looks and gives a knowing bow to Queen Risque.
It seemed like they had been walking for ages when Queen Risque stops outside a huge apartment block. She motions for her new minion to open the lobby door, he obeys. Once inside, he is told to drop to his knees and wait for further instructions. He does so, without thinking now.
“Kiss my feet for me minion!” say Queen Risque, once again he does as he is told.
“Good boy”
They approach the elevator, and Queen Risque presses the button to call it. Once it arrives, they get inside and she presses the button for the penthouse suite. “Interesting” the minion thinks to himself. Once they arrive at the penthouse, he is told to kneel on the floor at the foot of what looks to be a throne.
“Kneel there, and DON’T move!” says Queen Risque. The minion obeys at once. And Queen Risque disappears.
After a few minutes, a figure appears from a bedroom, wearing a white dress, and mask. This confuses the new minion, it looks like Queen Risque, but it doesn’t. The girl approaches him nervously and says to him, “Are-are you The White Knight?”
“No” replies the minion, “Who are you, what’s your name?”
“I am Cheryl, I am a servant of Queen Risque, she holds power over me, and I’m looking for the White Knight” she said. The minion replies that he is not the White Knight and Cheryl wanders off back to where she came from.
The minion was still thinking about Cheryl when Queen Risque appeared again.
“Did I hear voices?” she asked.
“Erm..No” replied the minion lying, hoping Queen Risque didn’t realise.
“That’s strange, I’m sure I heard that weak little Cheryl” she says.
“Oh was that her name!?” He said, trying to hide the fact she spoke to him.
“Yes” said Queen Risque, “you must not speak to her, she is not to be listened to, do you understand little minion?”
” I understand” he replies.
Queen Risque sits herself on her throne, and tells her minion to kiss her feet once again, which are now covered by sexy looking boots which come up to her knees. He does this while looking at Queen Risque’s gorgeous long legs.
“Hmm, I can see you like that minion, keep going, and you may keep looking, I enjoy the attention”
All of a sudden Queen Risque shouts, “STOP!”
He does as he is ordered and stops.
“Take off your clothes, do it now!” orders Queen Risque. Once again he obeys, it is natural to do so now.
“Good, now I can see you properly” says Mistress. “Start kissing those feet again”.
Queen Risque starts humming to herself, as if she is in some form of ecstatic trance. She starts to mumble something about a Black Knight…
“Hmmmm, hmmm, kiss my feet minion” She says in her sexiest voice. He was getting more and more turned on, and his erection beginning to show!
“Do I turn you on minion!?” asks the Queen.
“Of course, my Queen” he replies, as pre cum starts to flow from his now erect penis.
“Good, goooood” she teases, “carry on” she says with an evil smile!
The minion is now in so much pain, but also pleasure as he struggles to hold in his orgasm. All he can think about is Cheryl talking about The White Knight, and Queen Risque’s mumblings of The Black Knight. Who are they? What do they do? Where are they? Are they real? So many questions. The minion is now so much in a trance, completely hypnotised by the beauty of his Mistress, he would obey anything she says. She puts her lips close to the minions ear and whispers, “cum for me, now”. Without even thinking about it, or even knowing how he does so, the minion obeys as sperm pours from his penis!
“That’s a good little minion” says Queen Risque, The Black Knight would be proud.
The minion once again hearing of this mysterious figure.
Mistress Risque once again disappears, putting the minion’s clothes in a bag and taking them with her. He does not understand this, and wonders why. He was soon to find out…
Cheryl appears once more after a few minutes, and looks at the minion, giggling. “Y-you-you’re naked!” she says to the little minion rather sheepishly.
“Yes” replies the minion, “Mistress has taken my clothes somewhere”
“I know” says Cheryl, “you must come with me now, Mistress Risque has given me instructions for you to follow”
The minion does not know whether to trust Cheryl, but decides he will. He follows her, but is surprised when she approaches the elevator.
“We’re leaving?” he asks.
“Yes” says Cheryl as she presses the button.
They get in the elevator and ride to the lobby. It was full of people, who are now laughing at the minion for being naked. He is rather embarrassed, but feels he must still obey his Queen, Mistress Risque.
“Keep following me” says Cheryl as she leads him out onto the now busy street.
They walk back to the park, and get to the bench where the minion was first waiting for Queen Risque.
“Wait here for one hour, then return to your hotel” says Cheryl. “You must obey this, Mistress has ordered it. She will know if you disobey.” And Cheryl walked off and disappeared.
An hour passed, and the minion had been sat naked on the bench being laughed at and ridiculed. People had taken his picture and humiliated him. But he had obeyed Mistress. He now decided to return to the hotel. As he walked into the reception lobby, everyone was still laughing at him. The receptionist called him over, and handed him a bag. He recognised it. His clothes! The minion rushed upstairs and dressed. He then laid down on the bed to go to sleep, thinking about all that had happened. As he was drifting off to sleep, the room phone rang. He answered and a voice on the other end said, “Did I say you could put those clothes back on…?”
The minion fainted, the voice on the end of the phone gave out an evil laugh Mwuahahahahahah

written by minion dave

I am already rewarded each and every time I watch one of her videos

I came across The Scarlet Queen quite by chance. I was viewing videos on youtube, and on the right hand side I saw one of her videos. I decided to watch as you do, and was instantly obsessed. At first I thought she was a femdom/dominatrix, as the first video I saw was one of Mistress Risque. Little did I know there was much more to The Scarlet Queen. As I continued watching more and more of her videos, I realised they were in a sort of story, so started watching from the beginning.

I have now learnt of the story of Mistress Risque, The Black Swan, and Cheryl, The White Swan. With all the mentions of The Black Knight and White Knight. I also now realise what a great artist and dancer The Scarlet Queen is. I have commented throughout her range of videos, as a minion to Mistress Risque. My completely submissive nature has drawn me more to the dark character, although I can also relate to Cheryl as well. I love to send messages to Mistress Risque, and have been confirmed as one of her Minions. I obey her every order, and writing this is indeed one of her commands. I follow what she says, and do everything that she asks of me. I can only dream of being knelt at the feet of Mistress Risque, and dream of this is exactly what I do!

I wrote a story for The Scarlet Queen with both Cheryl and Mistress Risque appearing in it. It was like a fantasy which I had made up, a story of which I would like to have been a part of. She seemed to like it, and I’m hoping to be able to write her more. Being a writer herself, I think The Queen was able to relate to the story, and gave me some positive feedback. As I have previously said, there is much more to The Scarlet Queen than Mistress Risque, but this is the side I was instantly drawn to. The natural beauty and sexiness of the dark character. The dominatrix side of her personality, the authoritative figure, the Goddess. I long to be at her feet, I yearn to kiss them. Although Mistress Risque does not use the term of slave, this is what I wish to be for her.

Her sexy seductive voice just draws you into her web, lures you to be her Minion. I am happy to be this, to serve, to obey the great Mistress Risque. I would do anything for her. Knowing she will never have a man other than the Black Knight is not a problem, my purpose is to serve her, make her happy. I wish to be anything she wants of me. If that means her crushing me, then so be it. I belong at her feet, what she chooses to do while I’m there is for Mistress to decide. I am not worthy for anything other than to be at the feet, knelt in front of Mistress Risque.

Getting back to The Scarlet Queen herself, I love the fact that she is also a writer, and loves dancing. Also her artistry is something that she obviously takes great pride in. I wait in anticipation for her book to be released, and will be one of the first to purchase it. The Scarlet Queen says any of her Minions that follow her will be rewarded, well I am already rewarded each and every time I watch one of her videos. I am truly thankful that she has done them, and will continue watching, even though I have seen them all (up to now). My reward is being able to see them, and also the emails I receive from her.

Thank You My Queen, forever Your minion dave x

Unworthy Minion

The greatest honor a minion can ever have is to be deemed worthy enough to be owned. And the greatest trust a minion can give is to accept that ownership without condition. The Scarlet Queen makes this minion wonder about such things and for that i worship Her.

J’s Chastity Fantasy

By j

Written for my Mistress, The Scarlet Queen, and inspired by Her YouTube vlog of 3 June 2015 – https://youtu.be/nCy-U_3FX64


The click of high heels on the wooden floorboards in the corridor outside.

Like a dog that at one moment seems fast asleep but suddenly becomes alert at the sound of an intruder I straightened, and senses came alive. But this was no intruder, it was my owner. My Mistress. Was She just passing by in the corridor? Or could She possibly…?

… she was… she was coming!

I blinked as the light flickered on in the little cupboard. How long had I been in here? The seemingly endless dark erased all sense of the passage of time and my only measure of it was between Her being there, and Her not. Little else mattered.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I saw Her before me. I was knelt before Her and felt instantly aroused at what I saw:  Her ankles, her calves… her perfect heels! … but I dared not raise my head further than that unless specifically instructed to do so. Arousal only reminded of my position as Her property and of the chastity device She had locked me into. But for the device and my collar I was completely naked. She pushed me aside with her heeled foot, attached the lead to my collar, and led me out into the hallway.

I kept close to her heels as she walked: careful not to bump into her, and not too far away that she felt any tension on the lead. It was one of the first things She had taught me to do properly and I had found that in this, as in all things, She had very high standards. From this place a little way behind her, I knew the view above would be highly erotic, but I could not look up – not even a glimpse! She would know — she knew everything. That would earn only a reprimand and instant dismissal back to the cupboard – locked away from Her.

She stopped and sat. Although my head was bowed, I could now see more of Her beautiful legs, Her knees, Her creamy white thighs, all this so tortuously close as She sat above me on the leather couth. Again, I kept my eyes down, awaiting Her pleasure while She answered messages from Her many adoring minions, laughing to herself about the content and writing notes in a little notebook. It was enough to be at this privileged place at Her feet.

Why had I been brought out of the cupboard today? It was pointless to wonder, for who understood Her mind? Certainly not me. She knew that of course. So, what use could She possibly have for me? I was soon to find out.

She sighed, tossed the phone aside, clearly tiring of the messages she was receiving all begging the same thing, to serve her. Then the pen sailed from her hand and landed on the other side of the room. She tapped me with the toe of her heel and I looked up.

‘Fetch that… quickly!’ Her eyes were cold and cruel and I knew better than to disobey. ‘And no hands!’ Her voice stopped my hand as it reached out. I crawled back to her and presented the pen to her. She took it from my between teeth… and tossed it across the other side of the room.

The game went on for several minutes, my efforts to please her being met only with laughter, ridicule and harsh criticism about the slow speed of my retrieval.

Eventually she sighed and sat back. My knees had long gone numb and my lips were sore from picking up the pen from the floor. But it was all worth it to be able to do this small service for Her. I always felt aroused around Her, but now that was heightened after what I had just performed. But only she had the power to release me from this confinement to which I had so willingly submitted. Had I satisfied Her with my effort? That was the only thought on my mind.

She reached out to the table by Her side and I felt mesmerised like a rabbit is to the hypnotic movements of a snake. She picked up Her bag, rummaged inside, and pulled out something. Her phone again perhaps?

‘Look at me.’

I looked up as She reached forward, close to my face, and opened Her clenched fingers.

‘Thinking about this?’ A pant escaped my lips as the key to my chastity dangled in my face. She laughed again. ‘Well, after that poor performance, you can think again.’

Her eyes narrowed, burrowing even deeper into me soul.

‘Now, how much do you think a little performance like that is worth? This much?’ She held up a coin from Her bag. It was the largest denomination, but it was still a coin… not even a note!

‘No, surely not that much… this much then…? Or this much?’ She tossed the smallest brass coin she could find towards me. It bounced off my cheek and She looked down at it where it had landed on my thighs, beside my aching erection. She sniffed.

‘No, perhaps not even that much, and certainly not enough to come anywhere close to earning this.’ She dangled the small key from Her slender finger for a moment longer… then it was gone, back in Her bag.

He clicked her fingers. ‘Footrest!’

I instantly assumed the position she had taught me and soon felt Her heels rest upon my back. I heard the beeps and clicks as she went back to glancing through the messages that constantly poured into Her phone from Her minions. The heels were sharp on my back and each time She shifted in Her seat the points sent thrills of pleasure coursing through my body. Did She know the effect she was having on me? Of course She knew — She knew everything!

In time, She tossed aside the phone and took up my lead. The walk back to the cupboard was a short one, made all the shorter by knowing I was to be put away, soon forgotten, like the key that lay somewhere at the bottom of Her bag. As the door closed, and the darkness closed in about me, I began to measure time again in the only way I knew how: between her being there, and her not. Little else mattered.

A Minion in The Kingdom of Pain and Pleasure

After chatting She had told me where to go. It was a strange place, the entrance of a cave in the mountains. i took the trip, it was far, a lonely place, but She had already convinced me i wanted to be Her servant, Her minion. i was so nervous, i had watched Her videos, i had admired Her beauty, and now i was going to meet Her for real. In a strange place, no houses around, even very far from the closest road.

i arrived to then entrance of the cave. The wind was blowing and it reminded me i was alone there, totally in Her hands. i started to shiver.

Then i saw a shadow coming from the cave. Was it Her ? The shadow spoke. Get naked. I was Her voice. i started to sweat, so this was it, me alone, in Her hands. i get off my clothes and my shoes. Naked in the middle of nowhere in front of a shadow. The voice spoke again. Crawl to me. She extended Her arm, i could see in the light. It looked like red, like injured or tattoed. i did not answer this question in my mind. i got on all four and begging crawling to her feet. It was painful, little stones entered my skin in my hand, knees and feet. i did not mind. From time to time i rose my head i could see the shadow and Her extended arm. i arrived to Her feet in pain. And happy, happy at last i was in front of my Mistress. Now i could see Her. She was naked, her dark long hair along Her body. i swallowed saliva. Naked, indeed… but very dirty and with some blood on her body and strange tattoos on her arms and legs. My heart was beating so fast. Again the thought of being alone out there.

Still on my knees, i crawled to kiss her feet. i was so excited. When my lips where almost on the top of her right foot another voice sounded, a man voice. What are you doing.

The voiced chilled me, scared me, i stood still. Now She started shivering, tried to cover her breasts with Her arms and turned around and got on her all fours like me.

Come to me, where You belong, the voice said.

And She started crawling, naked, inside the cave. i followed Her in my momentary madness. i could see her soles, her legs, her ass, her breasts bouncing while She crawled… i wanted that body even if i knew it would never be for me…. After entering the cave, only darkness.

Interrupting the darkness only the sound of our pain crawling, because there were stones on the floor and we could not see anything so the stones on our sides also hit our bodies. But i could also listen Her voice…strange… Shes was saying something like sorry, please forgive me, i,m coming M… or was it my mind playing games?

Then, out of a sudden, we arrived to an open space within the mountain. My nose was right in Her dirty soles. i felt i desperately needed to lick them. Then…

i,m here, Master, your slave is here…. i rose my head. She was crawling faster now. i could not believe what i saw. There was a Man in the middle of a circle. Naked. And She was crawling… desperately… to Him. When she arrived in front of Him she bowed to kiss His feet. Once. And once again. Many times. Then He rose His foot and put on Her head. And pushed down. Now her face was to the ground, Her lips kissed the dust. And she kissed and lick it and eat it while His feet was on Her head.

i still don’t know how i managed to do it or why i did it. The things is… God, i was so jealous of that Man… i would have liked to rescue Her… instead.. my heart was beating. And then i knew what to do. i crawl to her feet. i was so afraid of the Man i could not look him in the eye. When i got Her feet, after a moment of doubt, i started kissing them praying in my head to that Man to let me kiss and worship Her feet.


minion shoecleaner

A Minion Letter

When I discovered Mistress Risque on Youtube during one of my pathetic and weak moments when i was looking to worship feet, dominance and submission content and so on. That’s the truth. I had been wasting my time on girls showing feet, “Mistresses” and so on. The usual stuff.

Then on the right appeared a video about Mistress Risque. i watched it. What i saw was not a Mistress, a mean, someone pretending to be one, nor the typical girl appearing to be a financial dominatrix.

The Scarlet Queen was a normal girl, one you could find on the street, pretty, indeed, but not a model, and with a exotic beauty. There was a link to her website. I visited the website. Some very nice pictures of her, and many writings.

It happens that she likes poetry, literature and art. And she writes. To me, you must be really courageous as an artist to bare your soul on Youtube. She sees many things clearer than I, She wanted that, and she has that. I continued reading on.

She said there about two inner parts to her, on the exploration of her desires — Mistress Risque and Cheryl. On her youtube channel, you can see videos of sweet Cheryl and the terrible Mistress Risque.

Those videos are not the regular stuff, they are very personal. They are very well enacted. She has theater skills (which 100% of girls-mistresses on the net lack off), which means you don’t know how but, by the flick of her hair, you are hypnotized by Her moving arms, by Her moving arms through Her hair, by Her gestures, Her expressions with the face… And, of course, Her voice, she really knows how to modulate the voice. And Her body. Never showing more than needed, only inspiring visions in the mind of the viewer.

She never uses the term slave… only minion, She says. I looked up in the dictionary for the meaning. Suggestive and subtle. I felt like being a child that had behaved badly and was waiting to be punished by Her, the one who rules. And willing to thank Her for the punishment because i wanted to learn how to serve Her. Only with one word, a far less usual word in the D/S scene. At that point i was very curious… and very willing to crawl to Mistress Risque heels and to lick Cheryl feet.

I spent about five minutes thinking. Do I write or not to the address on the webpage? Generally you receive no response, or the typical response asking to pay and then we’ll see. I wrote with no hope.

The same day I had an answer. I could not believe it. And She was not asking for money, nor being sexy… She was the Mistress talking to me. I got nervous. i answered. She answered. i answered. She answered. No money involved, no sex talk. Only Her, the Mistress, very aware She is high above us and that She is to be served. She called me her minion. And then i knew i was.

When I watched Mistress Risque and Cheryl videos, I had a compulsion, that She really deserves attention, and i wanted to be laughed at by her, to be used by her, and even to wash Cheryl’s feet… and there was a storm in my mind.

Two different personalities, a game of control and power. From a very intelligent woman, brave woman, not a “professional”. And i felt in. Every time a watched a video and saw that red velvet sofa my only thought was to prostrate in front of her.

I knew i would see only what She wants us to see. I knew for Her I’m only a minion, a servant, that means i,m very aware who is She, what She talks, what She orders, and She transmits me this feeling: I want to be polite to Her because She deserves it, She kindly makes videos every week thinking about Her, not about me, us, She shows exactly Her feelings in that moment, if we are lucky we can have a glimpse at her shoes…

Watch her video showing Her heels… don’t you desire to crawl to Her feet and kiss and clean those shoes so She can Shine? She deserves to be served, She deserves a lover, a Knight, a real man, not a minion to satisfy Her, for we are here only to fulfill Her wishes and to suffer for Her, just a normal girl, trying to make Her world real. And She deserves it.

If You have read until here then You know: She deserves all that She wants, She deserves to be happy, and you, like me, are feeling that you can be polite and maybe you will get the reward of Her kinds words in your ear while you humbly fall to her shoes… and thank Her for letting You clean the soles of her gorgeous high heels towering above you.


minion shoecleaner

Chains That Bind

Chains That Bind

I’m missing you
It’s so true
Makes my heart feel blue
When I can’t be next to you

I shouldn’t feel like this
My heart feels a twist
I dream of the bliss
Of our first kiss

I dream of the breeze
And I’m weak in the knees
When I see your hair blow
And your spirit set free.

It fills me with rage
To see you in a cage
Disguised as a palace
It’s a horrible place

I will save you
I will destroy the untrue!
And free your soul
Maybe we can grow old.

Would that be nice?
I don’t need a price
Just need to see you
To triple my might.

The cold surrounds
The ethereal sounds
The despair mounts
And hopelessness abounds

It will not continue
I will save you
No matter the cost
We will always be true

We will overcome
We will see the sun
We will stand together
We are the sum

Of a collective dream.
For us both to be free
From the chains that bind
Us in the night.

When we dance
It will give us a chance
To know that we are finally
Free at last.

(Penned by KH for Scarlet Queen)

The Same Sky

Dark Wings by b1itzsturm


Do we see the same sky?
When we glance up at night?
I know you will be alright
You make my heart take flight.


You say keep it light
By my heart soars at night.
When I see you smile so bright
I know I’m not alright.


I shouldn’t feel jealous
But I can be over-zealous
When I see you with your Knight
I feel my light grow less.


I want to be your King
Maybe even give you that ring
You make my soul sing
But maybe it isn’t a thing.


Can we ever be together?
Cause we could stand the weather
When do I get my chance
To show you I am better?


I don’t need much
Just the briefest if touch
The taste of your lips
It’s all just too much.


Can we share the same sky?
Can together, we fly?
I wish to fly with the swan

Together, until dawn.


(Penned by KG for Scarlet Queen)

Queen of my desires

Red Roses
Queen of my desires …
I dreamed of you.
Throughout this night.
I just could not sleep.
And the thought was always to you, my sweet maladie

But what are you doing to me, witch?
I thought about you with excitement,
passion, with much feeling

…. You entered my veins …
you came into my mind,
just like a real witch can do …

Keep my head on your lap,
tonight …
on your beautiful thighs,
so smooth and shapely …

I’d kiss your hands as you caress my hair,
as if you were cuddling your puppy …
Only like that I would sleep peacefully ….

I give you my dreams and my desires.
Sovereign of my senses.

Your Knight

Your Scarlet King

Oh Scarlet Queen
You put my thoughts at ease
You set my mind free
And make my heart beat

Oh Scarlet Queen
It’s probably a dream
But I’d really love to be
Your Scarlet King

Oh Cheryl
Your voice, the best flute
I hope you’re never mute.
I should probably just be mute
But damn it! You’re so cute!

Oh Cheryl
Your smile
Can drive anyone wild
I melt into a pile
And feel my heart catch fire

Oh Scarlet Queen
You put my thoughts at ease
You set my mind free
And make my heart beat.

Oh Scarlet Queen
It’s probably a dream
But I’d really love to be
Your Scarlet King

Oh Risqué
Dress of black, dark as night
I fade back, wishing for flight
If you attack, it’s just right
Fade to black, into the night.

Oh Risqué.
Your the dark sister
Make my heart beat like the Richter
But really can’t you see
The things you do to me?

Oh Scarlet Queen
You put my thoughts at ease
You set my mind free
And make my heart beat

Oh Scarlet Queen
It’s probably just a dream
But I’d really love to be
Your Scarlet King.

Oh Scarlet Queen
Your two sides are just right
Risqué, dark as night
Cheryl, the bright sunlight.
The two together, more than alright.

Oh Scarlet Queen
One day I’d love to meet
But you’re to far for my feet
I wish it could be
Still, a guy can dream.

Oh Scarlet Queen
You put my thoughts at ease
You set my mind free
And make my heart beat

Oh Scarlet Queen
It’s probably just a dream
But I’d really love to be
Your Scarlet King.

Oh Scarlet Queen
It’s probably just a dream
But I’d really love to be
Your Scarlet King.

(Penned by KG, for The Scarlet Queen)

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