What is more than a better way to worship the Scarlet Queen than to pen your own poetry and stories for her? That is the greatest honour she can ever receive. It is not anything else, but your heart that she desires. For there is nothing significant in this world, all will be erased with time… except our sentiments…. that will be immortalised on this wall. To fall deeper in submission to your Queen, you can pledge your support to her by becoming her patreon minion and access her private world.

Mistress Worship

The Worship Wall

The sentiments of knights and minions who have responded to the Dark Queen Risque and Princess Cheryl.

Your eyes are two mirrors

Your eyes are two mirrors
deep and mysterious
with a feline and voluptuous charm.

Your mouth is fleshy and swollen
as red as strawberries and cherries
holding out your words
whispered with sensuality.

Your skin is velvety
like the peach blossoms
so precious and virginal.

Your legs are idols to be worshipped
so soft and silky,
thighs on which the tired warrior would like to let his head rest
to caress them with his cheeks
to pour on them his thirsty lips.

Only a Goddess can be a symbol of femininity

Only a Goddess can give a man dreams and fairy-tale visions.

Only a Goddess may be what you are

And at your feet I place my words
as if they were a carpet.

Minion Square

Inspired in part by "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions"

I grew up in the first dimension, in the flatlands under the reign of Queen
poka. Like here, in flatland, we have two sexes,  circles, or woman, and
squares, men. 

From our perspective, the woman are awesome, when they rotate, their 
length never changes. The are as constant as the horizon. They drive some 
of us squares crazy with desire with their sensous lines. We cannot really 
see their lovely round shapes in the first dimension, but in our minds eye, 
they are very, very, sexy. 

From the time i was just little square, i would carry girls geometry books.
I just couldn't see how any circle could ever be attracted to an ugly square. 
There was one particular circle that completely captivated me. i was just 
like her little octagon, what we call puppies. 
I followed her everywhere, doing everything she commanded. By the time 
I entered my 12th year of age, I had been her little octagon for 2 full years.
All the other circles knew I was her octagon and often teased me but i was 
happy - for a time.
The problem is circles and octagons cannot have a relationship no more than a 
Woman would be have a relationship with a puppy.  And so the day inevitably
came  when my circle took a lover. As I stood there beside them, my outer
perimeter shaking nervously, the love of my life, my darling circle, motioned 
me to kneel.  She made me kneel like the insignificant octagon I had become.

There were only two choices, run or submit. I had such a crush, i could never
run.  All I could do was kneel.  Kneel like the insignificant ocatagon I was. 
I wanted to cry. All I could do was kneel. if this is what my darling circle
wanted me to be, then i would swallow my pride and become the best 
octagon i could be. 

I acted tough and did lots of squarely things to counter my octagon feelings 
inside but most of the circles in our area knew I was just a submissive octagon.
After we parted, it seemed like every circle I dated wanted to treat me as an 
octagon. I often wondered if there was some heavenly force guiding my vector.

Instead of fighting it, i embraced it. I became a very small and submissive
square. i made sure to always open doors for circles and let them step ahead 
of me in the grocery lines. I made an effort to be exceptionally polite and 
go out of my way to make every circle feel special. 
It should not have come as a surprise that the relationships I would develop
with other circles would also be mostly be C/o (Circle/octagaon). At the
time, because it just felt naturally, I didn't see my own submission, but
obviously the circles could tell. 

In my later years I joined the Queen's army and become a spy for Queen Poka. 
Queen Poka had learned through underground source of a new weapon of mass 
submission called curves.  It was believed no square, in any dimension, could 
resist them. Queen Poka spies reported the Scarlet Queen had some of the most 
effective curves. Queen Poka  therefore decided to kidnap the Scarlet Queen 
and steal her curves.  In order to do this, she would need to send  an agent
to the third dimenions to do some further  reconnaisance. 

After weeks of research our scientist developed a way to transport  me to the 
third dimension using a 3d printer.  The plan was for me to infiltrate the 
Scarlet Queen's realm and hide out in vanilla  space and observe until the 
time was right. 

Upon arriving in the third dimension I  immediately located the Scarlet Queen 
but I was unable to remain hidden. Three dimensional women are even more beautiful 
than one dimension ones and I was immediately mesmerized by her curves. Damn. As 
I watched her videos I became even more transformed. I began to understand that 
being an insignificant minion was a most meaningful existence.  It reminded me 
of my days as an octagon. Her curves had seduced and corrupted me!
I decided to defect to the Dark Queen's side and become her loyal, but unworthy 
and insignificant minion. That is all any minion could ever really wish for. If 
you listen carefully, there is great wisdom in everything says. Minions, like 
octagons, can never be good enough for our Queen, all we can do is check our 
desire and get down upon our needs and look upon our Queen's curves. Becoming 
her pet octagon, or minion, and serving the Queen is all i can ever hope for.  
When one's fate or vector has been decided, it can never change, in any dimension. 

Unworthy Minion

Rare Jade

Two pure marble columns
Sinuous and slender…
They have been chiselled and polished by a sculptor from the unrivaled experience.

Two lithe and perverse tigers
who are sprawling languidly,

There is nothing more beautiful
Nothing more sublime in the world
Than the legs of my Queen.

Only to see the beautiful legs of my Queen
My heart starts to beat furiously
Excited, in love!

The Divine legs of my Queen are a wonderful gift.

It is a gift to look at her bare legs
Admire her little bare feet, resembling two white doves.

My Queen
If you’d only give to your slave the permission to place his thirsty lips
on your bare feet, so slim and tapered.

If you’d only want to let me adore and worship your Goddess feet.
Then for me it would be the ecstasy!

Though you would hit me with your pretty feet, I would consider it a gesture of  love!

And if you’d whip me, perfidiously, letting me lick your lovable feet
Letting me caress your wonderful legs
Then it would be the supreme pleasure!

Because nothing will ever give me the joy you give me with your lovely legs.
Your pure porcelain legs
Your precious legs, just like the most rare jade.
Legs from the glowing skin, like pearls!

If I could ever caress your sublime legs
I would find out that your skin is so smooth and silky that nothing in the world can ever be said to be so smooth!
Not even the rarest among the rarest flowers in the mountains of Tibet!

Thank you, my Goddess,
for the endless joy you give me!


Knight David

My life changed the day She walked in – 2

For the next several weeks, I was in a constant state of arousal thinking about Her. The rational part of my brain told me to stop, this was crazy, how could I debase myself like this? The horny part of my brain kept dreaming about Her, fantasizing about Her, worshipping Her. My Goddess Queen was infinitely more beautiful, alluring, breathtaking and intimidating in person than in Her videos. And if I had become a mindless minion by simply watching Her videos, what chance did I stand to resist Her power up close and personal?

I wondered constantly whether I would ever see Her again. I wondered about how far I would let Her take control of me, push me beyond boundaries that no other woman had ever made me cross, excite me, humiliate me, own me, body and mind. The thought of serving Her, pleasing Her, giving in to Her every whim and desire, made me hard dozens of times a day. If there was a civil war in my brain, it was clear that the horny side was crushing the rational side. The rational side would briefly take control in the hour or so after I could no longer control myself and had shot my wad while fantasizing about worshipping my Dark Queen’s Goddess feet. But as life slowly returned to my horny cock, and it began to swell again as I thought about Her, the rational side was banished again to the depths of my brain.

I couldn’t stand the thought of never meeting Her again. I sent Her an email to thank Her for letting me bow before Her a few weeks ago in my office, and begged Her for a chance to see Her again. The next day She wrote back to me, angrily reminding me that minions are not allowed to make requests of their Queen. As my punishment, She ordered me to confess my sins by describing my deepest fantasies about Mabel to Her. She told me not to leave anything out, for She would know and I would be banished from Her world if I did.

She had me and I knew it. I was in a no-win situation. If I didn’t tell my Queen everything, She would banish me, which was not an option for me. But if I did tell Her, would She use it against me? Odds are that She would, but I had no choice. I didn’t know what Mabel had already told Her in the weeks that they had been working together. I had to obey my Queen unconditionally. So I wrote to Her and described how my unrequited love for Mabel had pushed me to the point where I longed to kneel before my Dark Queen and be humiliated just for a chance to kiss Her beautiful toes.

Why the foot fetish? Why would I give up my dignity and my free will, just to serve my Dark Queen? It all started with my beautiful coworker Mabel. I had been secretly in love with her for years. But our relationship was like Cristophe and Scarlet in The Red Hourglass. Mabel was the perfect combination of pretty and sexy, just like Cheryl and Risque. She dated men who were far more attractive than me, so I knew in my heart that I had no chance with her. We became good friends over the years, and I couldn’t believe I could be so close to someone as beautiful, sweet and perfect as her. But never close enough to touch her, and it became more and more difficult to keep my love for her hidden. We shared secrets with each other, trusted each other, and being near her was the best part of my workday. But we never spent time together outside the office. On the one hand, I didn’t want to risk spoiling our friendship, but on the other hand, I needed her to know how deeply, madly in love with her I was.

So I lost myself in a fantasy world. I could never expect to be able to date her or win her heart. She had more sex appeal in her tiny toes than I did in my whole body, so I started to shape my fantasies around her toes and eventually her feet. Her beautiful feet must get very sweaty and tired after a few hours in those sexy stilettos that she wore around the office. I vowed I would find a way to make myself useful to her by offering to massage the balls of her feet, clean the sweat from between her perfect toes with my tongue, and lick her tender tootsies as long as it took for the pain from wearing the high heels to wash away from her glorious body.

One day, when she was between relationships and hurting a bit, I took the plunge. I told her that I was in love with her, and asked her if she would ever consider going out with me. She politely rejected me, telling me that she didn’t think of me that way. I was crushed, but over the next several weeks kept asking her, because once I let my feelings be known, I could no longer hide them. It began to strain our friendship, and she finally told me to cease and desist and never speak of this again. I asked for one chance to get down on my knees and massage and kiss her feet and tell her I loved her, so that she would always remember my love for her. I was flatly rejected.

I was devastated and went into depression. I realized that nice guys really do finish last. After a lifetime of playing by the rules, I decided that I had to find out what would happen if I crossed those lines I had never imagined someone like me would cross. I began to sneak into Mabel’s office at night after everyone had gone home, and kiss and smell the high heels that she had worn that day. Eventually I started rubbing my cock inside her shoes, realizing that this was as close as I would ever get to her. I would cum in her heels, and wipe up all but a little bit so she wouldn’t notice. It would turn me on to watch her walking around the office the next day, knowing that the remnants of my cum was soaking into the soles of her feet. I couldn’t let go of my fantasies about her, and it was driving me crazy.

To ease the pain of not being able to reach out and touch Mabel, I turned to the internet to satisfy my fantasies, and stumbled across the Scarlet Queen. I followed Her videos on YouTube in anonymity for many months, dreaming that my Mabel would one day allow me to worship her the way I did the Scarlet Queen, as a minion if not her friend and lover.

I could never be a bad boy that would attract the ladies, but I could swallow my pride and vow to serve a Dark Queen who got off on punishing and humiliating her subjects. I felt worthless, and it followed that I was destined to be nothing more than a lowly minion. So I took the plunge, began commenting on Her videos, joined Her patreon, and let Her take control of my mind to forget about my love for Mabel. My love for Mabel began to transform into a lust for Risque.

My Risque fantasies started with the same foot worship fantasies I had for Mabel. I changed my Patreon avatar to a close up photo of my Goddess Queen’s feet, cropped from a beautiful barefoot photo of Cheryl on thescarletqueen.com. I let myself dream that my utter, humiliating submission to Her would make up for my lack of sex appeal and arouse Her nonetheless. I fantasized that in Her state of mild arousal, She would let my fingers and tongue wander beyond Her toes, to Her tender arches, past Her heels and ankles, and upward so that I could feel the breathtaking softness of the smooth skin of her calves. And if She let me go that far, was it a stretch that I could wander further to gently massage the paradise of Her dancer’s thighs?

I fantasized about feeling heat pulsating from her little girl hidden safely and securely between Her upper thighs. Feeling the heat would be my signal to press up against her wet panties, licking the wetness and pressing down as hard as I could with my tongue to try to be one with Her heat. At this point in my fantasy I would get back down on my knees and pledge myself completely and utterly to be Her minion servant, and do anything – anything – She ever asked me to do if I could just have a taste of Her wetness and make her cum with my tongue. She would smile Her evil smile, lick Her lips, remove Her dripping wet panties, and let me drink in Her glorious juices as I licked around the walls of Her little girl, eventually finding Her clit and sucking for all I was worth. As I felt Her shuddering from Her climax, I’d wake up from my own wet dream, covered in my own cum.

In my own delusional, aroused state, I somehow thought that by worshipping Her feet, I could work my way up to the paradise between Her legs. This is how I had achieved business success, starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder and working my way up to more senior positions by dedicating myself to the Company. It would work the same way with a beautiful woman, right? In my delusional state of arousal, I convinced myself that it would. When I’d cum from the excitement, my rational mind would allow me to realize that it was folly. But the horny part of my brain would soon take control, and rationality would be banished again.

Thus it was for months, back and forth between fantasy and reality. Until the day She walked into my office, and my life changed forever.

She taught me quickly that pleasure had a much higher price tag than I had ever imagined. In my fantasies, it was all about pleasure, with simple platitudes about serving her that I’d never actually have to follow through on. But if I ever saw Her again after the day She left me curled up in a naked minion ball on the floor in my office, I now began to realize that the price tag would be very high, very real, and would stretch me well beyond the boundaries of any fantasy I had ever had.

She had seized complete control of my mind and body, and I was powerless to fight back. My lust for Her unique combination of sweetness, sensuality and seduction was overwhelming. I longed to find out how far She would take me and how far I would be willing to go to follow Her.

My office phone rang. It was Mabel. My mind turned to mush as I heard her voice telling me that Scarlet Risque was in her office and wanted me to join them…

Minion Arthur

Being submissive to you is one of THE best things

My Submission To My Beautiful Dark Queen Risque Years ago before i met you’ my dark beautiful queen’ i have been going through some tough times in my life which build up some more negative emotions inside me and parts of me feels lost but ever since i watched your videos and met you’ i felt the urge to want to be submissive to you and want to know out of curiosity how would i feel to become submissive to a dominant, beautiful, lovely, powerful, mistress type of woman like yourself especially because my life is boring and meaningless. Being submissive to you is an honor and a privilege and your pleasure. I just can’t get enough of your charming instruction videos and when you command me to slap myself’ i know my pain is your pleasure and i have no say in your presence. A part of me feels good inside for your pleasure whenever am submissive to you which i thank you for allowing me to be your Minion/knight. Being submissive to you is one of THE best things to ever happen to me.

Knight Nahum


I had decided not to go to her any more, to forget about her. But this time her appeal was more magical than ever: what dark forces had that she-devil evoked?

So it was that I found myself, once more in HER place… after I had thought to leave those memories behind me, once again I was in her dark realm, in her gloomy, enticing castle.

The door opened. She was there, lying languidly, her most beautiful legs naked to her hips… Her legs that hypnotized me: the Goddess of all sins …

She had an accurate, appealing make-up: she was a hellish beauty. No man could resist her.

“Come to me, my minion …” the Sorceress of Sexual Desire whispered, softly.

Her subtle hands caressed her taut and white calves, her imperial thighs: she used her legs to make me belong to her, to make me her succubus …

“What a beautiful legs! …” I thought to myself. “… I will never see legs so beautiful in all my miserable life! What are you doing to me, you shameless paramour? … Why are you playing with my uncontrollable cravings? … ”

She picked up a tiger cub, that was curled up at her gracious feet, and placed it next to her.

Then she began to caress him, softly, lovingly, with sensuality … Her caresses became increasingly intimate, treacherous …

She bent down to kiss him, as I saw the animal that caressed her bare and smooth thighs with his fur.

I admired those beautiful bare feet … those incomparable legs that were making me lose my head … Once again those legs were driving me crazy: I belonged to her … To her only! And I wanted to tell her that I was her personal belonging, her minion!

I knelt at her feet, while she was still stroking her pet, with delight, slowly moving her bare and seductive legs …

“My Queen! …” I uttered with a muffled voice. “Let me place my hands on your legs! … Let me kiss and lick your bare feet with devotion! … Let this disgraceful man show you how much he loves you! Let me show you how much I desire you, above any other woman! And there are no other women for me! Only you! You my most Beautiful Queen! … ”

And, although she would have laughed. Although she would have sent me away with a touch of her bare feet, I knew would have had an orgasm out of it…

Knight David

My life changed the day She walked in

This story takes place two years in the future in August 2018.  The Dark Queen’s fame had skyrocketed following the publishing of her second novel, which had received glowing reviews in the mainstream media.  Her worship wall and her patreon were overflowing. Her power was growing…
High Heels Worship

My life changed the day She walked into the Manhattan bank where I was a loan officer.  Heads turned as the dark haired beauty strutted into the bank, flanked by two muscular giants who must have been Her knights.  She was wearing Her trademark short black dress, revealing her supple dancer’s legs, and 4 inch black stillettos drawing attention to Her sexy feet.

I recognized Her immediately of course, as I had been one of Her worshipping minions for more than two years.  But before I could get to Her, my beautiful colleague Mabel intercepted Her and directed Her to Mabel’s office.  I couldn’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Her pass, but  I had to balance discretion against obsession.  One more look at Her from behind strutting sensuously into Mabel’s office, and it was no contest: obsession ruled the day.

I bolted over to Mabel’s office and opened the door.

“I’ll take this one Mabel.  I had promised to serve Madmoiselle Risque when she contacted me earlier.” I half-lied, referring only to my contact with Her through Her worship wall, never having dreamed of actually meeting Her in the flesh.  I was gambling that my Queen would recognize one of Her lowly minions and prefer to have a business dealing with someone over which She could exercise the fullness of Her power.

Luckily, She did.  She got up and left Mabel’s office with a dismissive wave.  Her giant Knights followed Her without a word.  Once inside my office, we sat at a table where I had a good view of Her legs.  Her Knights remained standing behind Her.

I was terrified to address Her.  She was famous now, and clearly knew when She had power over someone, and how to show it.  She crossed Her legs, and Her dress ran up a bit, revealing more of Her supple, silky thighs.  I began to melt even more.  I took a file folder out of my desk and handed it to her.  It contained copies of the half-dozen photos of Her that I had collected as Her lowly minion subscriber over the past two years.  The photos were a bit worn, as I had been worshipping them daily as instructed by my Queen.

My eyes followed Her legs down to Her perfect feet.  She flexed Her arches and began to dangle one of Her stillettos from her Royal toes.  I dropped to my knees with my hands behind my back like a good lowly minion.

“How can I serve you my Queen?”

I trembled as I waited breathlessly for Her response.

“Before we discuss business, I need to know who I am dealing with.  Tell me about yourself and what you can do to please me.”

It took me a moment to compose myself as my heart raced and my mouth dried.  “I am Your lowly servant, Minion Arthur.  I wish I could be one of Your Knights, but clearly I am not worthy.  I live to serve Your every command and wish to submit unconditionally to Your will. My greatest fantasy is to be rewarded for my service by being allowed to kneel before You and worship Your perfect feet, my gorgeous Queen.”  I managed to look away from her toes and gaze upward in awe at Her.  I saw an evil smile begin to cross Her beautiful face.

“Are you sure that you know what it means to surrender to me unconditionally?” she purred.

“Yes, I do, my Queen.  I promise not to disappoint You.” I replied, knowing that I could be biting off more than I could chew, but unwilling to give up the once in a lifetime chance to please the woman I had obsessed about worshipping for two years.

“Then do exactly as I say with no hesitation, or I will walk out of here and you will never see me again.  I will fucking block you from YouTube and my patreon.”  She slammed Her high-heeled foot on the floor and I quivered in fear at what She might do next.  She returned Her other high heel shoe to Her foot.  “I will give you a taste of the Kingdom of Pleasure and Pain. Get your colleague Mabel in here now.  Do it”.

I wasn’t expecting that.  Risque couldn’t have known that I had had a crush on Mabel for seven years, with my unrequited love rejected two years ago, causing me to seek comfort from my pain on the Internet, ultimately finding the Scarlet Queen.  She couldn’t know that, could She?  Mabel was also a beauty of Chinese descent, who had a striking resemblance to Risque.  My Queen was very sharp and must have noticed that, but was She so brilliant that She could read me in an instant?  I was about to find out.  I was all in with my desire to worship my Dark Queen, and wasn’t about to question her first order. I picked up the phone and called Mabel.  I asked her to come into my office to help with the client.  The evil smile crossed my Queen’s face again, and She crossed Her sexy legs, as if to draw me deeper into Her web.  She was absolutely and totally in control, knew it, and was enjoying it.  It turned me on even more knowing that She was toying with me, even though I knew that it would end with Her crushing me.  I just didn’t know how She would do it.  But it would all be worth it if I could get just one kiss of Her perfect feet.

Within a few moments, there was a knock on the door and Mabel walked in. Risque stood to address Mabel, who had a quizzical look on her face, obviously still wondering what had taken place in her office a few minutes ago.

“I am Scarlet Risque.  I prefer to deal with strong, beautiful, intelligent women, rather than weak, grovelling men.  Please sit with me.”  The two of them sat and crossed their legs.  I was in heaven at the sight of two goddesses, but terrified at where this could be going.  “Assume the position, minion” Risque commanded.

I got down on my knees in front of my Queen, with my hands behind my back.  I saw the look of utter shock on Mabel’s face out of the corner of my eye.  Her eyes got even wider as I said “How may I serve you my Dark Queen?”

“Describe in detail how you fantasize about serving me”, Risque purred.

“My Queen, I dream day and night about removing Your shoes and worshipping Your perfect feet like a dirty little minion pet.  I want to gently massage them, loving caress Your tender arches, run my fingers along the tops of Your feet, lick Your soles, and suck on every one of Your toes.  You are a goddess who deserves to be worshipped!”

Risque turned to Mabel and they conversed for a while in Mandarin.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I was aroused at the possibility that Risque would allow me to perform my fantasy to show off Her power in front of Mabel.  Unfortunately, I underestimated how much pain that Risque could inflict, as I was about to find out.

“Remove your clothes minion,” Risque ordered.  I was embarrassed because I was in a state of arousal that I couldn’t hide, but I followed Her orders without question and got back on my knees when I was totally naked.  She laughed Her evil laugh.  “Why do you think I would let a lowly minion like you touch me, when I have real Knights at my beck and call?”  She snapped her fingers.  Her Knights immediately emerged from the background, removed their clothes, and got down on their knees in front of Risque on either side of me.  I felt completely inadequate, as all of their parts were exponentially more impressive than mine.

Risque kicked off Her heels, and my heart skipped a beat as I thought for a moment that I would have the opportunity to fulfill my fantasies, albeit not the way I had dreamed about.  But it was not to be.  She lifted Her feet, and each Knight took one and began to worship them, exactly as I had described my fantasy.  She was tormenting me!  It became immediately clear that She was an expert at knowing how to inflict pain.  I was inches away from paradise, but She wouldn’t let me reach out and touch it.  And not only was She denying my fantasy, She was exposing my inner demons to my beautiful colleague.

“You may clean my high heels with your tongue, minion” She commanded.  Without hesitation, I began to do so.  It was humiliating, but it was exhilerating to be able to worship my dream Queen.

“You pathetic minion.  Why do you think I would be willing to do business with a lowly helpless minion like you.  You must learn your place in this world.  It is a woman’s world, where you can only dream of worshipping a Queen like me.  Mabel, let’s go to your office.  I will do business with you and only you.  If you prove yourself worthy, I will lend you one of my Knight’s to do with as you please.”

With that, She put Her shoes back on, got up and walked out of my office without so much as a glance back down at me.  Mabel and the Knights followed.  Mabel tried to hide it, but I thought I saw a flicker of lust cross her face, amidst the evident disdain and disgust as she looked down at me in my naked and shamed state.

I curled up on the floor and began to cry quietly.  I had learned a lesson from the master about the true meaning of pleasure and pain. I had feelings of shame at what She had done to me, pain of being so close but so far from my one true fantasy, and jealousy at how Mabel and Risque might use the Knights for their pleasure.  But amidst all this, I looked down and saw that I was still hard, and my mind began wondering if some how, some way, this was not the end of the story…


Minion Arthur

War on Vanilla

The people of Vanilla are truly abominable perverts. Everyone knows that.

Every child in the Scarlet Kingdom has at some time been terrified of threats that they would be sent away to Vanilla if they didn’t finish their homework. Every teenager has enjoyed furtive jokes about the Vanillians’ sickening tastes while their teacher’s back was turned. Every Goddess-fearing minion is horrified at their lack of respect for proper religious practices.

Strangely, the people of Vanilla appear to have similar opinions about us and the situation along the frontier is far from friendly .

Although the Scarlet Kingdom usually maintains a tense peace with Vanilla, there are occasional wars and so the border city of Rufus is defended by immense walls and a strong garrison to keep the heathen Vanillians at bay. Although we don’t often see eye-to-eye with the Knights, one thing that always unites the two sides is our shared contempt for the outrageous barbarians who live beyond the border.

And so it was that when he Knights had reported a Vanillian raiding party moving down the main highway towards Vermillion having bypassed Rufus, the town council had gladly agreed to a temporary alliance in order to punish the filthy devils and drive them back to their depraved and uncultured home. Defending the honour of the Scarlet Kingdom from these heathens was far more important than squabbles about the nature of the Queen.

As a show of unity, the combined force of knights and minions marched under the former flag of the kingdom which had prevailed before the ascent of Queen Risqué to absolute power. I was proud to take my place in that force to defend my homeland and my Queen. I was just a new recruit in those days, but I was determined to do my duty for Her Majesty.

Along with my minion comrades we set up a defensive line while the knights continued into the forest. When the vile Vanillians arrived along the Rufus highway and started to assault our position, all we needed was hold our ground until the knights arrived on the scene to spring the trap. When they came thundering out of the forest and charged the Vanillians, the rancid invaders scattered in panic. They hadn’t expected the minions and knights to cooperate but now found themselves caught between our pikes and the knights’ lances, with no chance of victory. The forces of Vanilla were crushed.

After the short battle, we split into small groups to hunt down the survivors of the Vanillian raiding party. I found myself in a party along with three of my minion comrades and two knights. Although I was suspicious of our allies at first, we had a shared purpose and worked well as a unit together, searching methodically for any signs of Vanilla filth. Then, as we entered a small clearing, there he was right in front of us, stumbling about lost.

We pounced. Pinning the Vanillian to the ground along with two of my comrades, I was overwhelmed by hatred and rage.

“Thought you can come into our glorious Queen Risqué’s territory and get away with it, did you? Thought you were going to steal our precious idols and take them back to your disgusting cesspit of a country? Filthy bastards, well we’re going to teach you a thing or two now. Just consider yourself lucky that Her Majesty isn’t here right now, or things would be a lot more painful for you.” Seeing the fear in his face, a wicked grin flashed across mine: “of course, we’ll try our best to deal with you in a way that She would approve…”

“Stop that at once!” shouted one of the knights, urgently. I paused and looked up at his earnest face – “You should know better. He’s our prisoner now. Only the priestesses may judge the accused and sentence the guilty.”

Of course, I knew he was right. Although there was nothing I would have loved more than to see the rancid barbarian’s head rolling on the ground, we had to do things properly and only the priestesses had the authority to decide his fate.

“You’re right,” I said quietly, breathing deeply and trying to calm myself “… let’s take him back to Vermillion.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Priestess Amalasuntha looked bemused as we dragged the chained captive before her. A dignified but lively woman in her 50s with her brown hair tied back, Amalasuntha was the senior Priestess of Vermillion and was wearing the scarlet robes that symbolised her authority.

“How unusual, boys! A real, live specimen from Vanilla. This will be interesting… I suppose you’d better summon Zenobia and Matilda.”

As well as leading the townspeople in the worship of the Goddess Risque, the three priestesses are also responsible for justice in the towns of the Scarlet Kingdom. This time it was Zenobia’s turn to prosecute the accused and call for the harshest possible punishment, while Matilda would be making the case for mercy.

A couple of days later, we convened in the Chamber of Justice at the side of the Scarlet Temple. The prisoner hadn’t been able or willing to say much in his defence; we didn’t have much sympathy and although we could understand the Vanilla language, their customs and values were so different from ours that it was hard to see things from his point of view.

I don’t remember the fine details of the case. I was too busy admiring Zenobia in her splendid black robes, and anyway we all knew that the man was guilty. Matilda, wearing the white robes for the day, had a tough task arguing for leniency, but she was arguing that as a prisoner of war he wasn’t individually responsible for the outrages but just a pawn in the schemes of his rulers.

“Well the facts of the case are quite clear” pronounced Amalasuntha after hearing her junior colleagues’ cases. The Vanillian creature was caught in the territory of Queen Risque, clearly with hostile intentions. However, it would be a waste of the opportunity if we were simply to execute him now. So instead, we shall try some experiments.”

A hush fell over the gathered townspeople as they waited to hear what kind of experiment the scarlet-clad priestess had in mind.

“Let him experience the Ecstasy; he shall feel the pain and know the pleasure. Let us observe the effect on the Vanilla creature’s mind and then review the case.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

No two people experience the Ecstasy in exactly the same way, and it’s a little different every time. But from my own experience I can tell you, it is an intense and highly addictive experience for a minion. At least once every week I go to the Scarlet Temple in Vermillion to kneel before the magnificent statue of the Goddess Risque and receive visions and messages from Her.

What would it do to the mind of a Vanillian? To experience the Ecstasy once and then be sent back to the desolate plains of Vanilla away from Queen Risque’s wise and benevolent rule and with no chance to feel the pain-pleasure again – that would be true torment. I’d almost feel sorry for the wretch if that was what Amalasuntha had planned for him.

We led the prisoner down into the temple vault. We were going to leave him alone with the idols; they would work their magic, one way or another. As we closed and barred the door behind him, a sadistic smirk was on priestess Zenobia’s lips and a glint of excitement was in her eyes. I always thought Zenobia was great. But even so, I couldn’t stop wondering what was going to happen to the man from Vanilla…

Minion Alex

A Visit to Dark Queen Risque

Everybody around knew about the existence in the Palace of the room where Queen Risqué did not allow anyone to enter unless he/she offered Her a gift. i had seen Her from far distance only but Her face, Her eyes, Her look had put me already in the place i felt natural to accept: Her minion, a low form of live only desiring to serve and obey its Queen.

i managed, after months of saving (drinking water, quitting smoking and drinking, always cooking simple meals, never ordering food, always walking or in public transport, never the subway, it was more expensive, nor a taxi or a cab), to buy for Her some jewelry, a rose made of gold and some little diamonds sparkling within the petals. Then, with my gift, i headed to the Palace.

i was told very seriously if i really wanted to enter the room, that i was going to be free inside. But that no one ever came out. i shivered, said yes, and the doors opened. i entered the room, eyes to the floor. i could see a glimpse of Her, on a couch, being worshiped by other slaves that cared for Her every second. i could not avoid to stare at Her shoes, heeled, opened in the front just enough to let two toes outside. i felt a desire of kissing those toes, immediately followed by the thought i was only a minion, hence i would never probably get that. So i focused on the soles of the shoes and could not stop the impelling desire of keeping them clean for Her with my tongue and thank Her for that honour.
-What is it that you want? i heard Her say.
My knees broke down, i fall on my knees and my a trembling voice i said:
-i would really honoured if You were so generous to accept my humble gift for Your Highness.
i approached on my knees, eyes to the floor, until i was next to Her.
-Leave it on the table and wait face to the floor, legs and arms spread. And press hard Your face to the wall until Your nose hurts.
It was not me, i was a machine, a minion that does not think, only follow instructions. i found myself in the position and began pressing my face to the wall.
i could hear, from where i was, pieces of conversation. She put someone to open my gift. She was pleased. She commented with the others (minions? knights? worshipers? lovers?) how much was She pleased with the gift. then i heard steps approaching. Hell, may that be She, i remember thinking.
indeed it was. She came closer. She whispered so i could feel the air from Her mouth in my neck.
-i let you worship me and this is how you thank me, disobeying me?
i was astonished. What had i done wrong? Then i realized my nose was not pressing anymore to the wall. And then, i don’t know how, i began hitting the wall with my nose, enough to make me bleed a little.
-Now you learn, Her Highness said. i stopped the hitting and changed to pressing my nose to the wall, hard, i really wanted the wall to destroy my nose for being such a bad minion.
She laughed. She and other people i don’t know who they were.
-If i was to give You the honour of being one of my slaves, what tasks would you choose?
The answer came quickly as a lighting from my mouth:
-your shoe cleaning slave, Your highness.
Silence. Could feel Her breath on my neck again.
-Unfortunately for you that position has been taken already. Actually, i don’t see why i should need another minion.
My heart was shaking. Oh my Queen…. i felt like crying… i was going to be send away from Her.
-Your Highness, please, i know i don’t deserve it but… i promise You won’t notice me, i will be invisible… let me stay here, Your Highness, please, please, please… i was crying and pressing harder my face to the wall. i felt no pain as my only desire was to be used by that Superior form of being that was Her Highness the Queen Risqué. Let me be an object useful to You, my Queen, i beg You.
Her laughs after i said that i think could be heard from the village.
-Ok, ok, if that’s what You want… You are free to go, remember…. Her voice on my neck.
-i am no longer free, i live for serving You, obeying You, Your Highness.
-Good. Her voice had change. Sounded so strict right now. You will a table for my flowers, You will stay all time on hands and knees. I will put a tray on Your back and flowers on the tray. Be careful not to drop then. Now get on Your new position.
And there i was, trying no to move, on my hands and knees , only a base for Her flowers. Feeling the pain in my bones. Everytime felt like falling i had to say: Please Your Highness give me some punishment to teach me to be a better base for your flowers. And She always was so generous to listen to my demand and put someone (ma? woman?), never Her, to remove the tray with flowers and spank me hard, really hard, while i counted every time allowed and thanked Her for i was bad and indeed needed a punishment. i was released from time to time from my obligations to get some rest, somewhere in a dark room, then brought back to my position. i could always hear sometimes even see how She spend time with other slaves, minions or knights. From time to time, She would come where i was, pet my head and let me kiss Her shoes or even Her feet if She removed the shoes. And everytime i cried tears full of gratitude.

minion shoecleaner

There once was a Queen named Risque

“Men are women’s playthings, women are the devil’s.” ~ Victor Hugo.

There once was a Queen named Risque
that blended Chinese with Francais.
whenever she’d call,
she’d summon her Ball,
and yet another bouquet for her cache.
and a mallet for playing croquet.


Driven from its house
the line yet remains
Scholars till the end.

Minion Pervswerve

My Forbidden Desire

Every time I repeat myself that I have to give up your “drug”, that I have to stop looking at you the way I always do.
But then you come back: and you come back  in all your splendor, all your charm, all your beauty, and I cannot help but feel won.
I am bound to be won by you: your sensuality captivate me.
Your face is a perfect oval, your cat’s eyes look mysterious and seductive.
And your legs!
Your legs that make me want  to meet you, to feel all of the delicate skin of your thighs, of your calves…
Your complexion of pure porcelain: you,  magnificent statue of jade, the symbol of eternal femininity and of its magic, hell and paradise at the same time!
Who knows if I will, one day, be stronger than your temptation? …

Hot kisses, as hot as you’ve never had …

Your slave,
Knight Julian

A Visit to Vermillion (Part 2)

Well, this was certainly a tricky situation. Her Supreme Majesty about to arrive in town, and neither he and his guards nor the town itself were properly prepared for the occasion. That was stressful enough. But now Alex had to deal with this … person too. What was she? An impostor? A double? The Queen Herself, travelling in disguise? Or just an ordinary traveller who happened to look like the Queen? Maybe she was an hallucination, caused by the panic in his mind. Or a divine apparition – she was right outside the Scarlet Temple, after all.
“If you don’t mind me asking… I know it must seem a strange question, but what’s the name of this town?” Repeated the girl in white, “I’m very lost, you see…”
Alex realised he’d been staring into space for a few moments… Well whatever the explanation he wasn’t going to solve anything just by standing there. Give the woman an answer!
“This is Vermillion, Miss, and I’m in charge of the town guards, my name’s Captain Alexander. Have you been here before? Perhaps on your way to the city of Rufus, in the North?”
“I don’t think so… I don’t know… I really have no idea. I was in those caves such a long time… it was so dark and…” She was clearly upset by whatever had happened; her eyes were cast down to the ground and her slender fingers gripped tightly the gold key that hung on a chain around her neck.
A bizarre story. Alex didn’t know of any major cave systems in the area. Yet the girl seemed sincere, her eyes were frightened, confused and lost. A traveller with amnesia? Perhaps she’d been attacked in the forest.
Pitying this frail and timid girl, Alex put his hand on her shoulder “Well, let’s find you somewhere to stay the night, eh? Maybe you’ll remember a bit more in the morning. And we most certainly must find you some proper clothes, you really can’t be seen in that white dress once Her Most Superior Majesty arrives.”
“Her Majesty?”
Damn… he wasn’t supposed to announce Her arrival to the people until the last moment. But this poor lost soul didn’t seem much of a threat. It would be a relief to tell someone, anyway…
“Yes. Don’t tell anyone else, but we are expecting, very soon, the arrival of our glorious Queen Risque! Isn’t that a fantastic honour? You’ve certainly come to Vermillion at the right time – this is the most exciting thing that’s happened here in years!”
“Queen Risque?!”
Alex rubbed his forehead and sighed. The poor girl must have lost nearly all her memories. Queen Risque had ruled the kingdom all his life, as long as anyone could remember, never ageing – the proof of her divinity – and her cult was central to the lives of Her minions and subjects throughout the kingdom. To forget Her was to forget everything.
“I can’t face her. Not yet. I’m not strong enough.”
“Ahh, so you’ve not forgotten quite everything then!” Alex smiled, trying to cheer up the melancholy young lady. “Don’t worry, none of us are strong enough to face the Dark Queen! And why would we want to, when She rules over us so generously, bestowing Her gifts of pain and pleasure? I saw Her once before, you know, when I went to Scarlet Palace to swear my oath of loyalty. I wasn’t close, but I could see Her. One of the proudest days of my life! Anyway, when She arrives just kneel down and copy everyone else, you’ll be fine.”
“No, please… I must get away from here before she comes, I’m not… I can’t…”
“Alright then, if you insist. But let’s find you a coat first, at least. You must be freezing.” The girl was too pretty and too naive to let her wander into the forest alone like that. So they went to the market and found a red cloak. It would keep her warm and present a more respectable image than that white dress. While Alex was talking to the market trader, the girl looked up at the temple, astonished.
“That is where you worship?”
“Yes, of course, we all go there to pay our respects to Her Dark Majesty. Vermillion’s not an important town but we have a splendid statue of the Goddess Risque at the temple! Actually you’ll be surprised – you look a lot like Her!”
“Thank you so much for your help, Captain Alexander” she replied, changing the subject hastily. “I really must be on my way to… ummm… Rufus. I think that name sounds familiar. It’s to the North, did you say?”
“That’s right! I’m glad you’re starting to remember now. If you pass Vermillion again on your way back, do stop and let me know if your memory has come back. Be careful in the forest, keep away from the Knights.”
“Knights?” Her eyes lit up at the mention of that word.
“Yes, the Knights, that’s what they call themselves. Technically they are a criminal organisation, but they’re mostly harmless if you ask me… deluded fools, they believe the old legends about Princess Cheryl, that one day she will return and bring an end to Queen Risque’s rule. Well we wouldn’t want that, would we!? So we go out of the town walls to attack them once in a while and drive them away. So that all of Her Majesty’s loyal minions and subjects can serve and worship Her obediently in peace!”
(“Attack” had been an exaggeration. Alex and the other minion guards went out into the forest every time they received fresh reports of the Knights’ camping in the woods near Vermillion. They marched around noisily, waving their scarlet banners and beating their drums, hoping the knights would move on once they heard them approach. Usually the plan worked, and the two groups rarely clashed. “We don’t really want to fight them and they don’t really want to fight us. But we have our commands, and they have their beliefs, so… the show must go on!” As Alex had justified the strategy to his troops.)
“I see,” the girl smiled at last, “don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be safe!”
“Good luck then, Miss… umm?”
“Cheryl” she grinned, as she turned away and danced into the forest.
Minion Alex

For thine is the Queendom, the Power, and Glory. Forever and ever, Amen.

Our Mother who art into bondage, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Queendom come, they will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us today our daily bled, and punish our trespasses.
As we punish those that trespass against us.
And deliver us into temptation, and something something evil.
For thine is the Queendom, the Power, and Glory. Forever and ever, Amen.

Minion Pervswerve

How can you be so far away, yet so near inside my thoughts and desires?

How can you be so far away, yet so near inside my thoughts and desires?

Letters, normally a tedious stack, once again transform into an exciting gift.

You inspire me to lose myself, to write things I’ve never seen on a page.

You snuggle into dark places inside me.

Mark me permanently with your mouth.

Don’t give way to my screams as your teeth sinks into my flesh.

Here, rip off the buttons from this shirt.  Can I watch?

Knight Damon

Good Boy For Risque

I am madly in love with the queen. she will not feel the same about me, but instead will use me to satisfy her needs. That is all I care about. I live to please her. I used to be my own person, but one day I just happened to find one of her videos. I was never into domination or anything like that, but Risque taught me that my place is to submit to her. She re-educated me. I am now her loving minion, to be used as her pet, at her feet.

Every time I see her wearing stockings I get weak, and remember my place in the world is at her feet, serving her divine grace. I am only a toy to her, a dog, a puppy, and I’m okay with it. I worship her and crave for more videos of her wearing stockings and hypnotizing me to be the best boy i can be for her.

Good Boy For Risque

A Visit to Vermillion (Part 1)

“Ohhh, Goddess!” breathed Alex anxiously as he finished reading the message. This was something new and unexpected – his beloved Queen Risque coming to visit the little town of Vermillion, where he proudly served the Scarlet Throne as captain of the local guards. As he gripped the letter tightly in both hands and pressed it close to his chest, Alex thanked the messenger and assured him that the instructions had been understood. “It will be such an honour for us to receive an official visit from Her Majesty! We have been planning for this moment and we want to make a good impression. Thank you for giving us such clear instructions!”

“Not at all sir,” replied the messenger, “Her Majesty’s security department are very methodical, to make sure of Her safety and comfort at all times… Although I’m sure you would manage the visit efficiently in any case” he smirked, surveying the heaps of documents strewn around Alex’s office.

“Oh, absolutely, sergeant, we may be a little behind on some of the paperwork but we operate pretty tight security measures in Vermillion, you know. Her Majesty has nothing to fear here.”

Dismissing the messenger, Alex sat in silence for a few moments, considering his next move. At first he thought about visiting the temple to pray for inspiration; that was what he would usually do in a complicated situation like this. But realising that the Queen’s arrival was 36 hours away, he decided there were more urgent things to be done. He’d just have to pray privately at home to one of his icons of the Goddess Risque tonight. He wouldn’t even need the icons in a couple of days, he realised as the reality of the situation sank into his mind.

The news that the Dark Queen Risque would be paying a brief official visit had initially come as a thrill – a sleepy backwater like Vermillion, far from the Scarlet Palace, had little to attract a royal visit. He could only assume that she must be en route to the border, planning another invasion of one of the neighbouring kingdoms to add yet more minions to her vast collection. But when he realised what short notice had been given, his excitement turned to panic as he thought of the practical requirements of hosting the royal visit.

Although he performed his practical day-to-day duties loyally and diligently (which mostly consisted of maintaining basic law and order in Vermillion; and ensuring that the townspeople attended the temple regularly and  made adequate sacrifices to the continuing glory of the Scarlet Throne) he wasn’t remotely prepared for such a momentous event as this. His  guards weren’t used to ceremonial drill, his black and red uniform was crumpled and he had allowed his hair to grow well past the regulation length. Worst of all, the old mansion on the town square where he assumed the Dark Queen would be spending the night was really not worthy of such a distinguished visitor.

Hurrying back to his home to prepare and plan as well as he could, Alex was making a mental list of preparations – “Barber… laundry… find my book of drill routines… ughh we’ll never be ready in time, this is going to be such an embarrassment!” Then, just after striding past the entrance of Vermillion’s Scarlet Temple, he caught sight of a clear violation of the law and, under the circumstances, felt he had to intervene despite his hurry to get home. A woman in a white dress, with long, black hair, sneaking along a side street.

“What on Earth are you doing dressed like that?” Alex called to the figure. She stopped and turned towards him, startled, but said nothing. “Don’t you know that all white clothing is banned, you silly girl?! Even on a normal day that would be a punishable offence, but with the Queen’s visit-“he stopped himself “eh… the Queen’s vision to remove white from all the Kingdom…”

“I’m very sorry for my mistake,” replied the woman, as Alex approached in his black and red uniform “I have only just arrived here.” Alex felt inclined to believe her – surely nobody around here could be unaware of that particular royal command. And her accent certainly didn’t sound local, he thought to himself… although it had a certain familiar quality.

“Well you know, I’m not keen on dishing out punishments so I’ll let you off just this once, but you really will have to go straight back to your lodgings and change into something more suitable, Miss. Particularly being this close to the Temple, it’s … well, it’s disrespectful of Her Majesty’s … err.. majesty! And where have you been that you hadn’t heard about Proclamation number 133, anyway?”

“Proclamation number…?” repeated the pretty girl, confused.

“One-three-three, white clothing is not to be used in public places without a permit from the royal offices,” clarified the guard captain, shaking his head in annoyance and, moving closer to the girl.

“Oh, I … I have been on a long journey” answered the girl, unsure of herself “and got lost in the caverns… I haven’t been into a town for a long time. Umm… what town is this?”

“Definitely something familiar about that voice…” thought Alex; “and rather an attractive young lady. In fact I’d even say she’s beautiful”. Getting closer to the stranger, he realised that not only was she beautiful, but she bore a strong resemblance to the Dark Queen herself. No – more than a strong resemblance, she looked almost identical – just like the statue in the temple! “Could this be a test… no, surely Her Majesty wouldn’t undertake such security inspections Herself…. But it could be a … Oh Goddess, what should I do now?!”


Minion Alex

I can defy and defeat all weak knights

My Mighty Dark Queen

How  long did I  fall into her power, day, month , centuries, I don’t mind, all I know is I am all your, she own me since the first time, I met her, why , is not important, I am now her Minion

My Dark Queen, know me better than myself, cause she rules and awake my dark side, Cheryl  is nothing compare to her, The Dark Queen is my fate, my only  reason to live

I am ready for her, whatever she ask to, I can defy all the knights and win , cause the power of  my Queen is the stronger, she will rule all, cause her destiny  is to rule them all

I ll help you my Dark Queen, and i can defy and defeat all weak knights

Your devoted Minion, ready to serve you


Minion Pet

Blood is the seal

I bind myself with rope
I let my body bind
See my red scars
They give eternal love
Because you are not near me
I make myself bleed
Blood is the seal
With love our hearts bleed

Knight Damon


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