The Scarlet Queen Story

The Scarlet Queen explains there are two sides to her – Risque and Cheryl. They are both the light and dark desires of her soul. On alternate days, they will take turns to appear in the series. Risque is in love with the Dark Knight, while Cheryl is in love with the White Knight. Risque eventually chases the White Knight away and Cheryl is left heartbroken. Are they ever able to reconcile their differences?

Risque - The Dark Swan

Risque, The Black Swan. Dark, sultry, and seductive. She is out there to conquer the hearts of minions to worship her heels, and follow her every beck and calling. She is enthralled by the Dark Knight, and absolutely hates the White Knight!

The Scarlet Queen - Creator

The elusive Scarlet Queen, who is the creator of behind the series in her Kingdom of Pain and Pleasure. On different days, she chooses to appear as Risque or Cheryl.

Cheryl - The White Swan

Cheryl, The White Swan. She has an artistic soul, and loves painting, writing and reading story books. Her only friend is a bear, White. She is in love with the White Knight, and does not know who the Dark Knight is…
The Scarlet Throne Saga One day, the Dark Lord kidnaps Scarlet into the dark caverns. There, he chains her up and tortures her till the desirable Dark Queen Risque appears to conquer the minds of millions of minions. However, something else woke up too – Princess Cheryl, the key holder to the hearts of the knights of the kingdom of pain and pleasure.  Now, Cheryl is faced with the task of accepting the Dark Queen Risque and accepting that she is part of her. Stay tuned.

Dark Queen Risque

Dark Queen Risque summons her minions to worship her, as she comes more powerful. She desires for millions of minions at her beck and calling. Will you be her minion?

Princess Cheryl

Princess Cheryl awakes as the key holder to the hearts of her Knights. She wants her Knights to help her to conquer the Dark Queen Risque. Will you be her Knight?

Full Scarlet Queen Playlist from Episode 1


Minions, my instructions are clear. To watch all my videos starting from episode one and comment one each one of them to understand where the Scarlet Queen resides in her Kingdom of Pain and Pleasure.

Dark Queen Risque

The Dark Queen Risque Rises Saga

The Dark Queen Risque Rises from the dark caverns to enslave the minds of millions of minions to get beck and calling.

The Evolution of Risque and Cheryl

Watch their transformation over time with this full playlist from their first appearance onwards

Risque Full Playlist

Cheryl Full Playlist

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