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Blue OrcaAN UNFORGIVABLE BETRAYAL sets Mimi on a quest for vengeance. Janet killed Liza. Now Mimi has to kill Conan Casey, Janet’s lover.

Mimi follows them to Shanghai. She’s given a new identity and perfects her powers of seduction until she can manipulate men at will. Mimi is installed as a hostess at the elite Sky Club, keeping company with Shanghai’s most privileged men as she awaits the arrival of her prey.

She catches the attention of a patron before her mission is complete. Thomas falls under Mimi’s spell and proposes exclusivity. Will she take his offer? Or will she seek vengeance in a foreign land despite all the odds?

Blue Orca is a stand-alone full-length novel part of the HOURGLASS Series.

Red Hourglass #1
Blue Orca #2
Purple Python #3 (To be released 30th October 2017)

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Moved into new location

We had moved to a new location for the filming of the Scarlet Queen series. Currently, it is not possible to film in the day time due to drilling works in the area. We will restart the Scarlet Queen series by releasing audio recorded at night on Patreon for the next two weeks, followed by videos filmed at night using photography lighting equipment.

The BLUE OCRA, stand alone sequel to RED HOURGLASS is due for release on Amazon on 30th October 2016. As subscribers of the mailing list, you will receieve an advance copy of the book once the edits are ready.

We will be working on more releases on books and videos over the next few months as we reboot the series after the big move. Thank you for supporting The Scarlet Queen.

Moving To New Location (May – June 2016)

The filming set for Scarlet Queen YouTube is currently moving to a new location during the period of May – June 2016. There will be ongoing weekly videos in the month of June. We will update the Google Calendar with new episodes from July 2016 onwards.

We will be turning off the comments section on our YouTube channel to encourage more minions to participate on our patreon page.

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Scarlet Queen Q&A Session with Knight Nahum

SCARLETQUEENKnight Nahum posted a series of questions for me on Facebook. Here are my replies:

1. What inspired you to create such interesting characters such as Risque and Cheryl?

My Vizer gave me those nicknames after I broke up with my ex boyfriend. He theorized that I would eventually marry a hedge fund manager in New York as I was dating “minions and not men of caliber”. He named my dark business side as Risque, and Cheryl for my more cheerful friendly side. Then, he gave me the name Scarlet Queen for my throne was drenched in scarlet red of the fallen knights that had ended in a bloodied trail. He was admittedly, quite sick of my ex boyfriends calling him for advice after I broke up with them and he calls them “fallen knights” or “minions”.

When M left me, I was devastated. He was probably the only person in my life whom I could not get. He said that I was just a fantasy and I wasn’t real. I wanted him to know that I was real. M was vanilla and not into kink and he did not understand what Risque was about. I wanted to educate him and others about what a switch is as we only represent about 5% of the bdsm community. I created a YouTube channel using my Vizer’s given terminology to create the distinctions between Risque and Cheryl and it surprisingly, became a hit.

I had achieved my closure with M and I no longer make the videos for him, but for my knights and minions and for the wider community to gain awareness into the kink lifestyle and who we are, and what we represent is normal. I hope to see kink as an accepted part of mainstream society in my lifetime.

2. What’s one of your best accomplishments/achievements?

Writing the RED HOURGLASS is my best accomplishments as I felt extremely fulfilled after it’s publication. For once, I did something I wanted to do because I wanted to do it and no one told me to. I did not feel much gratification for my business degree nor running a successful eCommerce business nor winning dance competitions. I would regard publishing a novel the most difficult and yet fulfilling achievement in my life as my story would be immortalized forever on page.

3. What’s one or a few words that best describers you as a person?

My acting coach asked me to write six words that describes me as a person as part of an assignment and this is what I came out with, “A void replaced by my imagination”. From this void, I create works of art of what I think is missing, and what I want to see in this world.

4. What’s one of your best personality traits?

Being a contribution to others.

5 I’ve been your fan for at least 2 years now but in your honest opinion what do you think of having a fan such as myself based on the time you’ve know me on social media so far?

I really like it when you listen to my instructions and do as I say in accordance to my videos. It makes me feel powerful *laughs.

6. Have you ever tried Martial Arts?

I’d done one class of Aikido as part of my undercover research to write the BLUE OCRA, the sequel to the RED HOURGLASS. I realized I am not fit enough to do martial arts. I am currently back to gym.

7. If you could have any superpowers what would it be and why?

Mind control. I love mentally dominating others to submit to my will. I think you may know that already having experienced it under Risque. *smiles

8. Besides your amazing writing talents, and being so good at portraying the roles of Risque and Cheryl’ what other skills//talents do you have?

I regard myself as an entrepreneur/creator at heart and what I do stems from this core. I am good at playing puzzle games like Candy Crush and Blitz, and solving the occasional business problem by reinventing a new solution or changing communication styles. Wait, I haven’t showed what I could do on my bass guitar yet…

9. If you could have any 3 wishes granted’ what would they be?

I know this is goiRed Hourglassng to sound out of the world. I wish aliens would arrive on earth soon and put an end to all human to human wars. I wish for the United Nations to have more influence over politics and for a central unified government to take over so that we have one common unified language and uniform distribution of wealth so that homelessness and poverty would end. With this in place, we can pursue any careers without the concern for money but more so on passion and begin inter star trading (like Star Trek). I wish that eventually technology would allow us to store our consciousness in a database and allow us to be reborn into a different human body after we grow out of our current body. In this way, our consciousness never dies and we can live forever.

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Risque and Cheryl To Appear on Alternate Weekly Episodes

Scarlet Queen Cheryl in Kitty EarsFrom March 2016 – May 2016, Risque and Cheryl will appear on alternate episodes weekly on Wednesdays 7pm (New York Time).

Risque will be releasing femdom audio, video and erotica for her minions on patreon.



Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.19.46 pm

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2016 Updates from Scarlet Queen


  • Patreon page revamp at
  • Release of private Risque content on patreon
  • Worship wall scheduled with weekly posts from knights and minions
  • Writing of sequel to Red Hourglass, Blue Ocra
  • Weekly YouTube videos scheduled for release
  • More instructions for knights and minions episodes to be released

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Dark Queen Risque is Back!

Dark Queen Risque in full latex gown and furs.

To be released weekly on YouTube on Wednesdays, 7pm (New York Time).

Mistress Risque

Latex Dominatrix

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Interview with Scarlet Risque on Red Hourglass on Smashwords

Scarlet QueenWhere did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I am from the society where pain and pleasure are at the extremes. In an extreme capitalist utopian society where top down decisions are made daily. On the outside, it looks like a wonderland. In the inside, suicide rates are high. This has influenced my views on writing the Hourglass Series.
What’s the story behind your latest book?
Wow. I think there is so much that goes on behind the Red Hourglass. I would prefer the reader discover it for themselves.
When did you first start writing?
As a child, I wrote in secret locked diaries and randomly on my textbook. A teacher spotted my writings and she said I have a talent for creative writing. However, I never won any creative writing competitions over the years despite competing in them. But still, I continued to write on a daily basis and never stopped writing.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
What do your fans mean to you?
It validates that they love my work, especially my knights and minions at the Scarlet Queen YouTube channel. I believe that the Hourglass Series will continue to enthrall my fans into entering my world of pain and pleasure.
What are you working on next?
The Ocra, the sequel to the Red Hourglass will be released next Halloween, October 2016.
I will be releasing more short stories and poetry compilations over the next few months as well.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Love gives me the courage to get out of bed.
Music allows me to see the beauty of life
Creating gives me the ultimate gratification for my soul
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
As strange as this sounds – I am a dancer. I know most writers aren’t dancers and vice versa. Dancing is my greatest hobby as I don’t do it competitively. I fall in love with the dance floor each day, and dance my days and blues away. I am better at solo dancing like contemporary and modern dance, I am still taking lessons for partner dancing such as tango, salsa, bachata, swing etc. There is no end to the dance journey. It is the greatest joy in my life to be able to dance, write and act – at the fullest expression of my artistry.
Describe your desk
Crystals, hand written journals, aromatherapy, lots of manuscripts with highlights on them. Two cups of half drunk coffee – one hot and one cold. A cookie jar, a bag of nuts and a yoga ball under my Aeron chair. My set up is an iMac with a connecting side screen. There are about twenty window tabs open. My iPhone is on top of my Razer keyboard and logitech mouse. When I was younger, I was a competitive gamer and lead top guilds in World of Warcraft and Ragnarok. I sold my gaming laptop to become a full time writer/entrepreneur. I never looked back. I have no regrets.

On my book shelf across me – Robert Greene’s Art of Seduction, which I keep by my side at all times no matter where I am. As a woman, I believe my greatest power lies in understanding that book which I had read and revised over more than fifty times.

What motivatRed Hourglassed you to become an indie author?
The ultimate freedom to do what I want based on my own terms.
What is your writing process?
I go by my schedule which I set milestones daily. I usually start off by replying emails, and I will read some articles. After that I will do about two hours of research into the topic I am interested in. I would write for about two – four hours a day. If I am not writing, I would be watching movies and film actors and observing their movements and story line. I will occasionally write flash fiction and my analysis on what I watch on for fun. I love my profession as an artist, and I never regard it as work, but as a computer game that I must score to win.

Thank you for reading the interview by Scarlet Risque that appeared originally at Smashwords.

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Interview with Scarlet Queen – Creator

Mistress Worship

The elusive Scarlet Queen answers some questions in this interview as part of her milestone of having over a million views on YouTube.

Q: Tell us about yourself

A: I am the creator behind Scarlet Queen YouTube and author of the Red Hourglass (Romance Thriller) Series. Very few authors have a successful YouTube channel (such as John Green, creator of VlogBrothers and author of Fault in Our Stars). But I am trying to defy the odds and make it possible to BOTH have a YouTube channel and a Thriller Novel Series. The biggest asset to my future book publications is my ability to act, dance and do voice recordings of my writings.

Q: What do you do exactly?

A: I am an entrepreneur at heart with a degree in business. I was a consultant. I had decided to devote my life to my artistry as of April 2015 on a full time basis. I have no regrets.

Q: What does the Scarlet Queen do?

A: She is an artist, she creates worlds. There are thousands of minions watching her daily, and soon she will release her novels and gain momentum on pursuing her artistry in full force as the scarlet throne materialises as the series hit full production scale. It’s her grand design in the making.

Q: Tell us more about Risque

A: The Dark Queen Risque is the villain in the series. She is very powerful and thousands of minions had fallen under her control. However Cheryl is trying to conquer Risque and her darkness.

Q: I can see myself falling for the Dark Queen

A: Of course… who wouldn’t want to be in her kingdom of pain and pleasure? She only inflicts pain in the form of pleasure. Cheryl on the other hand inflicts pleasure in the form of pain. They are polar opposites.

Q: How does this transfer into real life? What is fact and what is fiction?

Goodness knows me. Sometimes I ask myself that question. The Dark Lord of my life is merciless. I am glad to find my Knight Damon. who is an avid fan of the series. He had helped me become much more expressive after his message/stories on the worship wall resonated with me.

Q: How does one seek the ultimate pain and pleasure?

A: Submission is the highest level of love.

Q: How can a Knight such as Damon seek the ultimate submissive experience?

A: He has to leave everything behind and believe in my way. Only then he will realise he true self and purpose. He will be everything that he dreamt of, as he leaves his old shadow life behind as he embraces himself for who he is, that he is meant for bigger, greater things… that will impact the world for the better.. under the loving guiding hands of the Scarlet Queen of course. They say, behind a great man is a great woman. I believe I am that woman. I am awaiting that man to take up that challenge and submit to me fully.

Q: There is only one man who will fully submit?

A: Yes, there is only one Knight out of all the thousands of knights who tried and failed who fully submits to me. The rest are just minions or speculators of the grand show. They can find the Scarlet Queen of their lives if they understand the SQ series.

Q: What is the reward?

A: The reward? Everything they ever dream of – romance, love, sex, wealth, endless pleasures, the elusive dream life… will all materialise and come true.

Q: How far will Scarlet go?

A: How far? Her videos and books are testament on how far she would go.

Q: You are giRed Hourglassving your first book, Red Hourglass, for free on the 30th October 2015?

A: Yes, it will be available for free to download on all major ebook platforms such as Amazon, Kobo and iBooks.

Q: Thank you. I think I had fallen in love with you through your videos.

A: The pleasure is all mine.

The Scarlet Queen YouTube releases a new episode every Wednesday (7pm) New York Time on either Cheryl (light) or Risque (dark) natures of the Scarlet Queen. Grab The Hourglass Novel Series on Amazon. Subscribe to her newsletter for her latest updates.