In the dark caverns there was nothing left. Not a sound, not any steps. Pure darkness shrouded me, and enveloped all my senses. In the distance I saw a flicker of light on top of the caverns. A flicker from the stars above. Glittery stars fell into sparkles of star dust into the caverns.  The chains melted away under the star dust, as I felt my arms and legs. The dust covered my naked body in glitter star powder. The wounds and red marks on my body started to heal as the healing dust went into my skin. It was a special kind of star dust, one that can magically heal and dissolve anything that it touches. The star dust reflected light around the caverns in sparkles. I felt for my hair. My hair had grown much longer since I last touched them. I felt for my face; it was smooth to touch. I felt for my knees, they were no longer numb. I stood up slowly, and carefully, as I had not stood for ages.

As I rose to stand, dawn broke. The sun started to rise from the distance. The large sun melted the caverns around me into a orange bright glow. The energy from the sun regenerated my veins, my blood started flowing through my body. I felt for the center of my chest for my heart beat, feeling the aliveness of being reborn. The orange glow from the sun melted the ground, as I was transported into another realm.

The new realm was filled with trees, star dust and sunlight. There was a castle, which was made of diamonds, with a marble white bridge arched over a flowing translucent rainbow river. By the river, was a knight in silver armour. He was kneeling on a knee, his head bowed low as I approached him.

“Princess Cheryl, you had arrived,”

“What is happening?”

“You had awoken, your knights await for your command,” he looked up at me with his dark brown eyes.

“What is your name?”

“Knight Damon.”

“Did you… save me?”

“Not at all,” he looked down at my feet. “The pleasure is not mine. You are the Princess, Cheryl. I am a lowly Knight, not deserving of any honour of mention. You had awoken from the darkness, for you believed in hope. I am filled with admiration for your courage. If you want to reach the Scarlet Throne, you have to conquer Risque. You have to control your darkness.

“You mean Risque and the Dark Lord who had me chained in the caverns?”

“Yes. I am sorry I wasn’t there to rescue you my Princess. I had waited all my life for this day that you will finally arrive. I am dutifully bound to serve you. The Dark Lord and minions did not recognise that you are needed to conquer the Scarlet Throne. You, Princess Cheryl, holds the key to the throne and all the hearts of the knights and minions in this kingdom of pain and pleasure.”

“I.. hold the key? How am I to conquer the throne?”Cheryl

“If you want to conquer the Scarlet Throne, you have to accept that you are both the Dark Queen Risque and Princess Cheryl.

“That’s impossible! I can never be the Dark Queen.”

“Your knights and minions await for that day. As of now, please take my key.”

He took out a golden key from the breast pocket inside his armour.

“Chain it to your heart, and remember that I, and all knights in your kingdom are bound to serve you for eternity in your quest to reach the Scarlet Throne.”

(to be continued)