Two pure marble columns
Sinuous and slender…
They have been chiselled and polished by a sculptor from the unrivaled experience.

Two lithe and perverse tigers
who are sprawling languidly,

There is nothing more beautiful
Nothing more sublime in the world
Than the legs of my Queen.

Only to see the beautiful legs of my Queen
My heart starts to beat furiously
Excited, in love!

The Divine legs of my Queen are a wonderful gift.

It is a gift to look at her bare legs
Admire her little bare feet, resembling two white doves.

My Queen
If you’d only give to your slave the permission to place his thirsty lips
on your bare feet, so slim and tapered.

If you’d only want to let me adore and worship your Goddess feet.
Then for me it would be the ecstasy!

Though you would hit me with your pretty feet, I would consider it a gesture of  love!

And if you’d whip me, perfidiously, letting me lick your lovable feet
Letting me caress your wonderful legs
Then it would be the supreme pleasure!

Because nothing will ever give me the joy you give me with your lovely legs.
Your pure porcelain legs
Your precious legs, just like the most rare jade.
Legs from the glowing skin, like pearls!

If I could ever caress your sublime legs
I would find out that your skin is so smooth and silky that nothing in the world can ever be said to be so smooth!
Not even the rarest among the rarest flowers in the mountains of Tibet!

Thank you, my Goddess,
for the endless joy you give me!


Knight David