This story takes place two years in the future in August 2018.  The Dark Queen’s fame had skyrocketed following the publishing of her second novel, which had received glowing reviews in the mainstream media.  Her worship wall and her patreon were overflowing. Her power was growing…
High Heels Worship

My life changed the day She walked into the Manhattan bank where I was a loan officer.  Heads turned as the dark haired beauty strutted into the bank, flanked by two muscular giants who must have been Her knights.  She was wearing Her trademark short black dress, revealing her supple dancer’s legs, and 4 inch black stillettos drawing attention to Her sexy feet.

I recognized Her immediately of course, as I had been one of Her worshipping minions for more than two years.  But before I could get to Her, my beautiful colleague Mabel intercepted Her and directed Her to Mabel’s office.  I couldn’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Her pass, but  I had to balance discretion against obsession.  One more look at Her from behind strutting sensuously into Mabel’s office, and it was no contest: obsession ruled the day.

I bolted over to Mabel’s office and opened the door.

“I’ll take this one Mabel.  I had promised to serve Madmoiselle Risque when she contacted me earlier.” I half-lied, referring only to my contact with Her through Her worship wall, never having dreamed of actually meeting Her in the flesh.  I was gambling that my Queen would recognize one of Her lowly minions and prefer to have a business dealing with someone over which She could exercise the fullness of Her power.

Luckily, She did.  She got up and left Mabel’s office with a dismissive wave.  Her giant Knights followed Her without a word.  Once inside my office, we sat at a table where I had a good view of Her legs.  Her Knights remained standing behind Her.

I was terrified to address Her.  She was famous now, and clearly knew when She had power over someone, and how to show it.  She crossed Her legs, and Her dress ran up a bit, revealing more of Her supple, silky thighs.  I began to melt even more.  I took a file folder out of my desk and handed it to her.  It contained copies of the half-dozen photos of Her that I had collected as Her lowly minion subscriber over the past two years.  The photos were a bit worn, as I had been worshipping them daily as instructed by my Queen.

My eyes followed Her legs down to Her perfect feet.  She flexed Her arches and began to dangle one of Her stillettos from her Royal toes.  I dropped to my knees with my hands behind my back like a good lowly minion.

“How can I serve you my Queen?”

I trembled as I waited breathlessly for Her response.

“Before we discuss business, I need to know who I am dealing with.  Tell me about yourself and what you can do to please me.”

It took me a moment to compose myself as my heart raced and my mouth dried.  “I am Your lowly servant, Minion Arthur.  I wish I could be one of Your Knights, but clearly I am not worthy.  I live to serve Your every command and wish to submit unconditionally to Your will. My greatest fantasy is to be rewarded for my service by being allowed to kneel before You and worship Your perfect feet, my gorgeous Queen.”  I managed to look away from her toes and gaze upward in awe at Her.  I saw an evil smile begin to cross Her beautiful face.

“Are you sure that you know what it means to surrender to me unconditionally?” she purred.

“Yes, I do, my Queen.  I promise not to disappoint You.” I replied, knowing that I could be biting off more than I could chew, but unwilling to give up the once in a lifetime chance to please the woman I had obsessed about worshipping for two years.

“Then do exactly as I say with no hesitation, or I will walk out of here and you will never see me again.  I will fucking block you from YouTube and my patreon.”  She slammed Her high-heeled foot on the floor and I quivered in fear at what She might do next.  She returned Her other high heel shoe to Her foot.  “I will give you a taste of the Kingdom of Pleasure and Pain. Get your colleague Mabel in here now.  Do it”.

I wasn’t expecting that.  Risque couldn’t have known that I had had a crush on Mabel for seven years, with my unrequited love rejected two years ago, causing me to seek comfort from my pain on the Internet, ultimately finding the Scarlet Queen.  She couldn’t know that, could She?  Mabel was also a beauty of Chinese descent, who had a striking resemblance to Risque.  My Queen was very sharp and must have noticed that, but was She so brilliant that She could read me in an instant?  I was about to find out.  I was all in with my desire to worship my Dark Queen, and wasn’t about to question her first order. I picked up the phone and called Mabel.  I asked her to come into my office to help with the client.  The evil smile crossed my Queen’s face again, and She crossed Her sexy legs, as if to draw me deeper into Her web.  She was absolutely and totally in control, knew it, and was enjoying it.  It turned me on even more knowing that She was toying with me, even though I knew that it would end with Her crushing me.  I just didn’t know how She would do it.  But it would all be worth it if I could get just one kiss of Her perfect feet.

Within a few moments, there was a knock on the door and Mabel walked in. Risque stood to address Mabel, who had a quizzical look on her face, obviously still wondering what had taken place in her office a few minutes ago.

“I am Scarlet Risque.  I prefer to deal with strong, beautiful, intelligent women, rather than weak, grovelling men.  Please sit with me.”  The two of them sat and crossed their legs.  I was in heaven at the sight of two goddesses, but terrified at where this could be going.  “Assume the position, minion” Risque commanded.

I got down on my knees in front of my Queen, with my hands behind my back.  I saw the look of utter shock on Mabel’s face out of the corner of my eye.  Her eyes got even wider as I said “How may I serve you my Dark Queen?”

“Describe in detail how you fantasize about serving me”, Risque purred.

“My Queen, I dream day and night about removing Your shoes and worshipping Your perfect feet like a dirty little minion pet.  I want to gently massage them, loving caress Your tender arches, run my fingers along the tops of Your feet, lick Your soles, and suck on every one of Your toes.  You are a goddess who deserves to be worshipped!”

Risque turned to Mabel and they conversed for a while in Mandarin.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I was aroused at the possibility that Risque would allow me to perform my fantasy to show off Her power in front of Mabel.  Unfortunately, I underestimated how much pain that Risque could inflict, as I was about to find out.

“Remove your clothes minion,” Risque ordered.  I was embarrassed because I was in a state of arousal that I couldn’t hide, but I followed Her orders without question and got back on my knees when I was totally naked.  She laughed Her evil laugh.  “Why do you think I would let a lowly minion like you touch me, when I have real Knights at my beck and call?”  She snapped her fingers.  Her Knights immediately emerged from the background, removed their clothes, and got down on their knees in front of Risque on either side of me.  I felt completely inadequate, as all of their parts were exponentially more impressive than mine.

Risque kicked off Her heels, and my heart skipped a beat as I thought for a moment that I would have the opportunity to fulfill my fantasies, albeit not the way I had dreamed about.  But it was not to be.  She lifted Her feet, and each Knight took one and began to worship them, exactly as I had described my fantasy.  She was tormenting me!  It became immediately clear that She was an expert at knowing how to inflict pain.  I was inches away from paradise, but She wouldn’t let me reach out and touch it.  And not only was She denying my fantasy, She was exposing my inner demons to my beautiful colleague.

“You may clean my high heels with your tongue, minion” She commanded.  Without hesitation, I began to do so.  It was humiliating, but it was exhilerating to be able to worship my dream Queen.

“You pathetic minion.  Why do you think I would be willing to do business with a lowly helpless minion like you.  You must learn your place in this world.  It is a woman’s world, where you can only dream of worshipping a Queen like me.  Mabel, let’s go to your office.  I will do business with you and only you.  If you prove yourself worthy, I will lend you one of my Knight’s to do with as you please.”

With that, She put Her shoes back on, got up and walked out of my office without so much as a glance back down at me.  Mabel and the Knights followed.  Mabel tried to hide it, but I thought I saw a flicker of lust cross her face, amidst the evident disdain and disgust as she looked down at me in my naked and shamed state.

I curled up on the floor and began to cry quietly.  I had learned a lesson from the master about the true meaning of pleasure and pain. I had feelings of shame at what She had done to me, pain of being so close but so far from my one true fantasy, and jealousy at how Mabel and Risque might use the Knights for their pleasure.  But amidst all this, I looked down and saw that I was still hard, and my mind began wondering if some how, some way, this was not the end of the story…


Minion Arthur