Every time I repeat myself that I have to give up your “drug”, that I have to stop looking at you the way I always do.
But then you come back: and you come back  in all your splendor, all your charm, all your beauty, and I cannot help but feel won.
I am bound to be won by you: your sensuality captivate me.
Your face is a perfect oval, your cat’s eyes look mysterious and seductive.
And your legs!
Your legs that make me want  to meet you, to feel all of the delicate skin of your thighs, of your calves…
Your complexion of pure porcelain: you,  magnificent statue of jade, the symbol of eternal femininity and of its magic, hell and paradise at the same time!
Who knows if I will, one day, be stronger than your temptation? …

Hot kisses, as hot as you’ve never had …

Your slave,
Knight Julian