I am madly in love with the queen. she will not feel the same about me, but instead will use me to satisfy her needs. That is all I care about. I live to please her. I used to be my own person, but one day I just happened to find one of her videos. I was never into domination or anything like that, but Risque taught me that my place is to submit to her. She re-educated me. I am now her loving minion, to be used as her pet, at her feet.

Every time I see her wearing stockings I get weak, and remember my place in the world is at her feet, serving her divine grace. I am only a toy to her, a dog, a puppy, and I’m okay with it. I worship her and crave for more videos of her wearing stockings and hypnotizing me to be the best boy i can be for her.

Good Boy For Risque