I am a monster – Scarlet Queen Speaks

In my quest to search the depth of my duality, I started the Scarlet Queen Channel. There was numerous of occasions my friends had told me to be Risque, to start a channel on her. She will be fascinating to watch, they said. You should do it. But the real push factor was when M, told me one line that changed things forever between us.

“I only like Risque.”

That was enough. It set the alarms in my head ringing. If he wanted Risque, I will give it to him… much more than he can handle. But he can never have my love.

I did few beta runs with my friends to comment on Risque and the Scarlet Queen (before Cheryl). They absolutely loved the seductive Scarlet Queen and all controlling Risque. But I figured out, the contrast is not great enough, not as much as I really wanted to explore it. That’s when I found Cheryl and her poetry. Yes, that is what was lacking. It was Cheryl, to bring out Risque. They cannot exist without each other. I, the creator — as The Scarlet Queen, will bring them together.

Risque and Cheryl

The Scarlet Queen as Cheryl and Risque

My first pilot run was ambitious – to do an episode everyday for fifty days.  That means I have to film on a full time basis, spending my free time writing scripts and re-watching episodes to improve the next scene. I burnt out after 50 episodes and took a two year break.

But it wasn’t complete. Inside me was something burning.

No, it is not completed yet, because it has barely started. It was just a pilot run, and Risque — did become a hit. Minions begged for more episodes on her. I finally decided to return after a short trip to Paris. The trip made me realise that all my life, I wanted to do this video series. I was born to do it. This is what I am meant to do.

I felt a nagging feeling, on why wasn’t I exploring them further. I should push it.

That’s when the Scarlet Queen came back in full force… in her red dress and tango heels.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.45.37 pm

I am glad I came back. I got in touch with the inner sides of myself that I had not previously been able to express. My goal is an artistic one — for I believe I have a poetic soul in the body of a dancer.

I also understood myself better. I cannot film daily. I have to give myself sufficient rest. And gather more feedback, to improve the next episode. I decided to go with a weekly schedule, to release a new episode every Wednesday. There is no end date. I intend to continue for as long as possible. But one thing for sure, is that the Scarlet Queen herself may appear more often in future episodes.


Cheryl is Back ! – Weekly Episodes Every Wednesday

Scarlet Queen - Cheryl

Cute Cheryl is back in the month of  May 2015, her episodes will be released on (May 6, 13, 20, 27).

Risque will return with her episodes in the month of June 2015.

We will release four episodes of either Risque or Cheryl on alternate months, on the Scarlet Queen Channel

The Scarlet Queen will continue filming as long her minions continue to worship her, please be sure to subscribe and interact with her on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. She reads through and replies to most comments (play it nice^^). Your feedback and comments will help her improve future episodes.

Episodes are filmed once a month, and she might or might not do certain requests… depending on her mood.

All future episodes will be released on a weekly basis every Wednesday 7pm (New York Time)

The Scarlet Queen Speaks

Who am I?
I don’t know. I don’t see myself in the mirror.

Sometimes I see Risque with her smile, pleased at her latest conquest.
Sometimes I see Cheryl with her sadness, trying to tell me something.
Sometimes I see a blank template, without any expression.
Sometimes I see him, looking back at me.

He drifts in and out of my dreams
like a phantom, like a curse.
He turns my beautiful artworks into a gruesome massacre.
and plays me like a puppet on strings

We are on the dance floor
He is leading me in a milonga circle
Under the dim candle lights, shadows, and masks
I can’t see his face behind that mask.

That mask my phantom wears
I wanted to tear it out and see who he really is.
Who is he? Gliding me, ever so softly… ever so gentle.
Into his lair of no return?

Risque - Scarlet Queen

When I awake from this nightmare
The White Knight is beside my throne.
He is kneeling there, waiting for my next instruction.
I send him to another war.

He has to fight, if he ever wants to get closer to me
He has to prove himself worthy
He has to prove himself deserving
For the love of the Scarlet Queen.