Red Hourglass eBook Red Hourglass by Scarlet Risque (Romance Thriller Novel) A POWERFUL, MYSTERIOUS woman finds a homeless girl in a New York subway and adopts her. Janet swears loyalty to the White family and they train her at their Academy as a secret agent.

Before long, her transformation into the Red Hourglass—an assassin—is complete. She is ready to start her missions in service of the White Queen.

In order to learn the whereabouts of her real mother from the White Queen, the Red Hourglass must stop the planned expansion of Wilmar Enterprises. She goes undercover to infiltrate Wilmar, and she is hired as the executive assistant to the Chief of Security, Conan Casey.

Janet works diligently to uncover all Wilmar’s secrets. She soon learns that Conan Casey, her target, is heir to the billion dollar Wilmar organization. She falls prey to his dark seductions and twisted secrets … and they leave her gasping for more.

She unwittingly bets her stakes on a dangerous game of love. Where do her loyalties lie? Will she betray Conan for the White Queen, or fall in love with him and give up all hope of finding her real mother? And will they get out alive?


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My new codename: Red Hourglass.

I was adopted by the White Queen. She saved me from starvation. From the cold miserable New York winter in the subway stations. I was just a rat, like everyone else – till she gave me a new purpose and meaning in life – to serve as an agent.

I seduced my targets. I wrapped them around my fingers like a little insect in my silky cocoon spider web. I was the Red Hourglass. There is no running once they are inside me. Yet I was lusting after something I couldn’t have, obsessing over a desire that could never be fulfilled. Lust arrives as an angel disguised as love, but it’s still lust, not love. His name was Conan Casey, my latest assignment.

But my plans didn’t include spending my life enslaved as someone’s secretary. I had to finish this mission and continue looking for my mother.

He walked me to the dance floor and gripped me in a close embrace. I held him tightly, smelling his manly cologne and enjoying the tension between us as I followed his lead.

We danced a slow tango and I wanted to rip his shirt open with my teeth.

I bit my lip. I wonder how he is in bed.