My Submission To My Beautiful Dark Queen Risque Years ago before i met you’ my dark beautiful queen’ i have been going through some tough times in my life which build up some more negative emotions inside me and parts of me feels lost but ever since i watched your videos and met you’ i felt the urge to want to be submissive to you and want to know out of curiosity how would i feel to become submissive to a dominant, beautiful, lovely, powerful, mistress type of woman like yourself especially because my life is boring and meaningless. Being submissive to you is an honor and a privilege and your pleasure. I just can’t get enough of your charming instruction videos and when you command me to slap myself’ i know my pain is your pleasure and i have no say in your presence. A part of me feels good inside for your pleasure whenever am submissive to you which i thank you for allowing me to be your Minion/knight. Being submissive to you is one of THE best things to ever happen to me.

Knight Nahum