2018 New Milestone – The Scarlet Queen Short Film

2018 New Milestone – The Scarlet Queen Short Film

My Dear Minions,

Thank you for your support. I took a one month break to re-evaluate if I should continue this channel. Whenever I feel like giving up I look at your contribution and push on to continue my artistry which has been ongoing for five years. There are over two hundred videos, audio clips, writings and photography to date. My artistry is not possible without you.

It has been my dream from the start of filming The Scarlet  Queen in 2012, to eventually make it into a movie to be broadcast to the world. I was limited by resources hence I uploaded a video on YouTube  every week. In my dreams and visions, all I see is the grand design of the movie I want to make based on what I had created for The Scarlet  Queen. Now, there are over two hundred videos with thousands of minions worldwide. I am dedicating my life in 2018 to turn The Scarlet Queen into a short film by elevating my artistry through dancing 20 hours a  week, and attending acting classes, working out and keeping to a strict  diet. I had lost 7 kg in 2017 in preparation for this role. Your support  for my artistry makes it possible for me to pursue my dreams.

All  proceeds on patreon for 2018 will be used to turn the The Scarlet Queen YouTube into a 20 minute short film. The Scarlet Queen short film aims to create a context of  freedom of sexuality as a new context to live into, for with full self acceptance comes freedom and power.

You can support my artistry by:

1. Increasing your patreon pledge

2. Commenting and participating in the video series to give feedback that is crucial to the artistic development of future productions.

As the artist and creator behind The Scarlet Queen, I will

1. Be releasing a new video weekly on YouTube

2. Release audio clips monthly exclusively on Patreon

3. Release private videos on Patreon

2018 Photo Gallery and Erotica Writings Gift for Patreons

Thank you for your support in 2017. These are your gifts for supporting my artistry exclusive only available to my minions on Patreon.

NEW: Photo Gallery:http://thescarletqueen.com/gallery/

NEW: Full Version of Butterfly:http://thescarletqueen.com/books/butterfly-patreon-access/

New: Full Version of The Scarlet Throne:http://thescarletqueen.com/books/butterfly-patreon-access/

Scarlet Queen Patreon



Butterfly – Erotic Femdom Novella

Butterfly Scarlet RisqueVenus in Furs—the standard on masochism—inflames my imagination. Butterfly is a retelling of this age-old story, a contemporary version of a classic tale.

Times have changed since the story was written. Slavery is illegal. But women still enslave men in love, and passion still rules hearts and minds. Now, to submit is not to become a literal slave as was demanded of Severin in the novella; to submit is to be a minion. One is free to make the choice to be a minion, or not.

Choosing to be a minion means accepting the will of a superior being over one’s life. By reading Butterfly you are choosing to participate in this story, choosing to enter the world of a minion.

Pain and pleasure are one and the same. Read on and be rewarded. . . .

Butterfly by Scarlet Risque is Available on Amazon Now.

The Shadow

I was sinking in the depths of the murky waters. In the darkness, I felt a heavy rock tied around my ankle. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I untied the knot as fast as I could. The knot became lose. I swam up towards the surface, desperately gasping for air.

I floated in the middle of the oasis. The full moon shone radiantly across the empty desert. The waves were pushing me back to shore. A darkness overtook my vision. A voice, a strange low voice, took over my vocal chords. I struggled against the shadow, thrashing in the water.

My hands were squeezing my throat as I tried to breathe.

“Let me take over,” the shadow self said. “Or I will drown you.”

My hands tightened around my neck as the colour of the moon faded from white to red.

I woke up on a white bed, fully nude. I jumped. I did not know how I got here. My hair was dripping wet. There was a red rope mark on my ankle. My neck felt swollen. I covered myself up with my blankets, only to notice there were two masks on the ledge of the bed.

There was a white and black mask, Venetian masks.