Scarlet Risque is a YouTube starlet in The Scarlet Queen with over a million views and weekly videos on Wednesdays. She is the author of the Hourglass Novel (Romance/Thriller) Series. She holds a degree in business. She combines her business knowledge and her artistry with dominance and submission themes in her creations.  She is passionate about traveling, dancing and kink. She loves her cat and crystal collection.

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Interview with Scarlet Queen – Creator

Mistress Worship

The elusive Scarlet Queen answers some questions in this interview as part of her milestone of having over a million views on YouTube.

Q: Tell us about yourself

A: I am the creator behind Scarlet Queen YouTube and author of the Red Hourglass (Romance Thriller) Series. Very few authors have a successful YouTube channel (such as John Green, creator of VlogBrothers and author of Fault in Our Stars). But I am trying to defy the odds and make it possible to BOTH have a YouTube channel and a Thriller Novel Series. The biggest asset to my future book publications is my ability to act, dance and do voice recordings of my writings.

Q: What do you do exactly?

A: I am an entrepreneur at heart with a degree in business. I was a consultant. I had decided to devote my life to my artistry as of April 2015 on a full time basis. I have no regrets.

Q: What does the Scarlet Queen do?

A: She is an artist, she creates worlds. There are thousands of minions watching her daily, and soon she will release her novels and gain momentum on pursuing her artistry in full force as the scarlet throne materialises as the series hit full production scale. It’s her grand design in the making.

Q: Tell us more about Risque

A: The Dark Queen Risque is the villain in the series. She is very powerful and thousands of minions had fallen under her control. However Cheryl is trying to conquer Risque and her darkness.

Q: I can see myself falling for the Dark Queen

A: Of course… who wouldn’t want to be in her kingdom of pain and pleasure? She only inflicts pain in the form of pleasure. Cheryl on the other hand inflicts pleasure in the form of pain. They are polar opposites.

Q: How does this transfer into real life? What is fact and what is fiction?

Goodness knows me. Sometimes I ask myself that question. The Dark Lord of my life is merciless. I am glad to find my Knight Damon. who is an avid fan of the series. He had helped me become much more expressive after his message/stories on the worship wall resonated with me.

Q: How does one seek the ultimate pain and pleasure?

A: Submission is the highest level of love.

Q: How can a Knight such as Damon seek the ultimate submissive experience?

A: He has to leave everything behind and believe in my way. Only then he will realise he true self and purpose. He will be everything that he dreamt of, as he leaves his old shadow life behind as he embraces himself for who he is, that he is meant for bigger, greater things… that will impact the world for the better.. under the loving guiding hands of the Scarlet Queen of course. They say, behind a great man is a great woman. I believe I am that woman. I am awaiting that man to take up that challenge and submit to me fully.

Q: There is only one man who will fully submit?

A: Yes, there is only one Knight out of all the thousands of knights who tried and failed who fully submits to me. The rest are just minions or speculators of the grand show. They can find the Scarlet Queen of their lives if they understand the SQ series.

Q: What is the reward?

A: The reward? Everything they ever dream of – romance, love, sex, wealth, endless pleasures, the elusive dream life… will all materialise and come true.

Q: How far will Scarlet go?

A: How far? Her videos and books are testament on how far she would go.

Q: You are giRed Hourglassving your first book, Red Hourglass, for free on the 30th October 2015?

A: Yes, it will be available for free to download on all major ebook platforms such as Amazon, Kobo and iBooks.

Q: Thank you. I think I had fallen in love with you through your videos.

A: The pleasure is all mine.

The Scarlet Queen YouTube releases a new episode every Wednesday (7pm) New York Time on either Cheryl (light) or Risque (dark) natures of the Scarlet Queen. Grab The Hourglass Novel Series on Amazon. Subscribe to her newsletter for her latest updates.