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Scarlet Risque is an independent artist. She pushes the boundaries of artistic expression through new media. When not filming, she is writing novels or creating a new reality. The Scarlet Queen Channel is created out of love for a person. He wanted to see Risque, but not Cheryl. She decided to torment him daily with images of both characters – and not her.

The series meant for one person, became a hit with over a million views on YouTube. As of now, she had decided to resume filming for as long as possible with weekly episodes as she enjoys the attention of her knights and minions.

She is currently writing the Hourglass (Romance/Thriller) Novel Series.The Hour Glass Novels will be launched annually on October. She delves into her writings with elements of dominance and submission, feminism, love and freedom with the philosophy of time and life.

She resides in the Kingdom of Pain of Pleasure. In a society where pain is the ultimate form of gratification of pleasure. The society with the highest income inequality in the world. The society… where women are evolving beyond their suppressed domestic selves to take on the global economy.

Desire: I am just a fragment of your imaginationRed Hourglass eBookn run wild… The only desire the Scarlet Queen wants in her life is for a submissive man to let go, and let her take him to places he hasn’t been before. From there, he can take her to the point of no return.

Philosophy: Scarlet Queen adores Robert Greene, the author of Mastery, and frequently quotes his concepts in her videos and writings.

Background: Business Degree from Australia. She reads all her fan mails and looks forward to hearing from you. Your feedback is crucial in improving her creations.

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Scarlet Risque

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