Everybody around knew about the existence in the Palace of the room where Queen Risqué did not allow anyone to enter unless he/she offered Her a gift. i had seen Her from far distance only but Her face, Her eyes, Her look had put me already in the place i felt natural to accept: Her minion, a low form of live only desiring to serve and obey its Queen.

i managed, after months of saving (drinking water, quitting smoking and drinking, always cooking simple meals, never ordering food, always walking or in public transport, never the subway, it was more expensive, nor a taxi or a cab), to buy for Her some jewelry, a rose made of gold and some little diamonds sparkling within the petals. Then, with my gift, i headed to the Palace.

i was told very seriously if i really wanted to enter the room, that i was going to be free inside. But that no one ever came out. i shivered, said yes, and the doors opened. i entered the room, eyes to the floor. i could see a glimpse of Her, on a couch, being worshiped by other slaves that cared for Her every second. i could not avoid to stare at Her shoes, heeled, opened in the front just enough to let two toes outside. i felt a desire of kissing those toes, immediately followed by the thought i was only a minion, hence i would never probably get that. So i focused on the soles of the shoes and could not stop the impelling desire of keeping them clean for Her with my tongue and thank Her for that honour.
-What is it that you want? i heard Her say.
My knees broke down, i fall on my knees and my a trembling voice i said:
-i would really honoured if You were so generous to accept my humble gift for Your Highness.
i approached on my knees, eyes to the floor, until i was next to Her.
-Leave it on the table and wait face to the floor, legs and arms spread. And press hard Your face to the wall until Your nose hurts.
It was not me, i was a machine, a minion that does not think, only follow instructions. i found myself in the position and began pressing my face to the wall.
i could hear, from where i was, pieces of conversation. She put someone to open my gift. She was pleased. She commented with the others (minions? knights? worshipers? lovers?) how much was She pleased with the gift. then i heard steps approaching. Hell, may that be She, i remember thinking.
indeed it was. She came closer. She whispered so i could feel the air from Her mouth in my neck.
-i let you worship me and this is how you thank me, disobeying me?
i was astonished. What had i done wrong? Then i realized my nose was not pressing anymore to the wall. And then, i don’t know how, i began hitting the wall with my nose, enough to make me bleed a little.
-Now you learn, Her Highness said. i stopped the hitting and changed to pressing my nose to the wall, hard, i really wanted the wall to destroy my nose for being such a bad minion.
She laughed. She and other people i don’t know who they were.
-If i was to give You the honour of being one of my slaves, what tasks would you choose?
The answer came quickly as a lighting from my mouth:
-your shoe cleaning slave, Your highness.
Silence. Could feel Her breath on my neck again.
-Unfortunately for you that position has been taken already. Actually, i don’t see why i should need another minion.
My heart was shaking. Oh my Queen…. i felt like crying… i was going to be send away from Her.
-Your Highness, please, i know i don’t deserve it but… i promise You won’t notice me, i will be invisible… let me stay here, Your Highness, please, please, please… i was crying and pressing harder my face to the wall. i felt no pain as my only desire was to be used by that Superior form of being that was Her Highness the Queen Risqué. Let me be an object useful to You, my Queen, i beg You.
Her laughs after i said that i think could be heard from the village.
-Ok, ok, if that’s what You want… You are free to go, remember…. Her voice on my neck.
-i am no longer free, i live for serving You, obeying You, Your Highness.
-Good. Her voice had change. Sounded so strict right now. You will a table for my flowers, You will stay all time on hands and knees. I will put a tray on Your back and flowers on the tray. Be careful not to drop then. Now get on Your new position.
And there i was, trying no to move, on my hands and knees , only a base for Her flowers. Feeling the pain in my bones. Everytime felt like falling i had to say: Please Your Highness give me some punishment to teach me to be a better base for your flowers. And She always was so generous to listen to my demand and put someone (ma? woman?), never Her, to remove the tray with flowers and spank me hard, really hard, while i counted every time allowed and thanked Her for i was bad and indeed needed a punishment. i was released from time to time from my obligations to get some rest, somewhere in a dark room, then brought back to my position. i could always hear sometimes even see how She spend time with other slaves, minions or knights. From time to time, She would come where i was, pet my head and let me kiss Her shoes or even Her feet if She removed the shoes. And everytime i cried tears full of gratitude.

minion shoecleaner